I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

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I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

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“A Puppy Darling, I want a puppy”…

This all started two weeks ago. I’ve been asking for a puppy for months but moody guts down there just wouldn’t hear of it. I want a puppy, he doesn’t. It’s not fair! I needed him to want the same as me and change the “I” to “WE”
“Too much mess, think of the poop in the house the car, the furniture, dog sitters, noise, allergies… his excuses were endless, it was so frustrating.
Sometimes he would consider it (very briefly), but I noticed it was if he was horny and didn’t want to ruin his chances. I tried making him go without but he became impossible to live with due to his hormone induced mood swings and then he would get even more stubborn. How the fuck can a Man use hormones against a Woman?
Anyway... that was two weeks ago before I put two and two together and something clicked.
My Husband had been getting used to yet another kinky idea (oh what joy), and was trying to sell the idea to me. I mean, what is it with Men; their whole lives revolve around their penises and they expect us to have time for it or even be interested, then they sulk when we really need to get on with something unimportant like ensuring they have food and clean clothes. 
Yes. Something “Clicked”. A eureka moment (call it what you will), and it made all the difference, in ways I could never have hoped for. Oh boy am I glad I took a few minutes to look into this.
Just a side note:
I'm a happy wife of 15 years. Yes happy. Married to my perfect husband who still finds me attractive and sexy, and I'm happy he thinks this way. We have a good sex life (better than average I think), and I like to think of myself as open minded (but only to a point).
So when my husband starts dabbling in, or fantasising about yet another kinky pastime I'm left wondering. Why. Why. Why? What are we missing?
The simple answer all along was nothing. Everything he wants is right here, he just needed a bit of help, and as a result I got everything I wanted (so far that is, I’m still writing a new list).

And so: to continue.
My husband was running late as usual, head in the clouds, not concentrating on getting to work while remembering to take all of the three things he needed to take with him (Wallet, Keys, mobile. Why is that so hard to remember?)
“I think I would like you to be my key holder” he said. “Sure honey”, I replied “did you lose your house key this time or have you finally got fed up of locking yourself out”? He looked confused but I carried on “Would you like likkle wifie to put keysie weesies in your pocket for you? Maybe on a piece of string, like we do with the kids mittens”? Yes, sometimes I actually enjoy him interrupting me just for this.
I don’t think he got the sarcasm (a bit too many words?) and he continued:
“No Honey, it’s just. Well you know I got that weenie protection for work”, (Oh yes, the latest craze, how could I forget). “Well they work just the same as a chastity cage if your partner has the keys, and it sounds like a little chastity play with some teasing might be fun for us”.

OKay.. On the outside I was the picture of a considerate woman listening to my darling husband Not talking bullshit, but on the inside I was truly rolling on the floor laughing, I mean “Good for us?” that’s a classic right there, and did I hear the word “Chasity”? Holy mother! And yes, I do know what Chastity is and in a million years I would never expect to hear that word come from Mr Three Day blue balls here. This can only get better; I might even half listen to what he has to say.
I try to look interested, smile. looking into his cute sparkling come to bed eyes and I reach to ruffle his soft hair before finally giving a sigh and, I imagine saying.. "Fuck. Right. Off."
But instead smile: “Really darling, that’s nice”. 
So now he’s all excited and starts doing that funny leg dance only men can do, and starts rambling on about how I can make the rules and he just has to be good or I don’t let him out, and if he’s naughty or if he doesn’t pull his weight (“IF” wtf?) I can add a day. And how I tease him constantly so he’s ready to burst and then deny him release and how much the idea turns him on. Ah Yes! It’s all sounding a bit more normal now. It’s About him, him and last of all, his penis.

As my husband leaves the house for work he says “please, just look it up, Male chastity keyholder” and with that he’s gone, and with him goes his latest stupid idea.

So I finish clearing the table, picking the bits off the floor and go to sort the dishes out.
The dishes are clean already? Am I in the wrong house? Did I walk through a wall or a time portal or did the unthinkable happen? He washed the dishes before he had breakfast. Holy cow!
Well, I suppose apart from having to play find the dishes now he’s put them away god only knows where, I can get on with one of the other thousand wonderful little jobs only a family can give, lucky, lucky me.

OK Laundry. Now it’s getting a bit spooky. We must have a phantom or a ghost because the laundry isn’t in the tub. I know I put on a night wash because I couldn’t sleep until it was finished and then got paranoid about the tub being on while we were asleep, so got up and switched it off, which woke up the kids. So I put them back to bed after solving the woes of the world at night and proving I was real and not a ghost that looked like me. Then I couldn't get back to sleep (did I turn the washer off? Arrrgh!), so I read for a while and when I’m finally ready to get my head down the erupting volcano impressions coming from Mr Sweet joy lying next to me stopped any chance of that (sigh), Typical night really.
Anyway, I was saying: 
The laundry I found, in an oddly upside down inside out way, on the line. Not only that, but the trash had been put out!
There’s nothing for it, I have to sit down. Confusion, shock, concern? Ok yes it’s nice, really nice, But him, seriously, Why? What’s changed?
The only thing he does differently these days is wear that thing in his pants that I have tried so hard to ignore. I realise It’s been a few days since HE had an orgasm (that I know of) because last night he did me very nicely and then didn’t want anything in return even though it was obvious his pecker was at bursting point. Ok that was super odd, but I was tired so what the hell, and we both went back to sleep. 
I had realised he was still acting like a horny teenager that following morning instead of in his post orgasmic Neanderthal state (didn’t have time to think about it really). Yep. Very odd behaviour even for my randy Man. 
Right then, fuck it!
I whip out my mobi and google “benefits of male chastity” and to save you time if you’re reading this there is a lot of crap out there written by men. But not everything, I found that there are real benefits to the male chastity lifestyle, I mean REAL benefits for both the man in the cage but mainly for the key holder (that would be me).
The benefits for him that make sense to me are more powerful orgasms and being supercharged with sexual energy for longer periods, which gives him a boost. He gets more done, is happier and more useful. Men enjoy being horny and it all stops after the orgasm. While he can stem the tide, we both feel the benefits. But men can’t keep their hands off their cocks without their brains going into meltdown. OK, this bit can relate to.
Thinking back, I can still remember, years ago when my husband had that spark, he was drunk on life and a joy to be around. I’ve seen that man appearing recently. Looking healthier, happier and less stressed. I hadn't realised it was due to this cage and denying himself orgasms.
That was enough of a reason to carry on reading. If I could get part of that man back, I'm happy to give it another ten minutes, and in all fairness he has helped save me a few minutes this morning, so I look for something written by a woman to make sense of it all and see what’s in it for me (come on, you really think I’m reading this for him?).
Like I said earlier, something “Clicked”; I bet you thought it was when Mr six foot life support for a penis offered to let me keep his key. Nope!
The bit that got my attention was the persuasiveness, the change in his attitude and the unexpected powers that came with being the key holder, and by powers I mean: I don’t have to nag for what I want any more, no more guilt or pressure sex, more non sex related curling up relaxing attention, no more losing arguments and no more frustrated “life is so unfair” man beast after the few days he goes without. Just how things should be really. Mainly though, for now, the fact he will grant me any wish if I play this the right.
Which is exactly what I need right now. Yip Yip!!
Where do these powers come from? His penis (obviously), but soon to be MY Penis.
I learn than Men are weakest just before they cum (yes ok we all know this). It’s a lot easier to steer their thinking in a different direction (my direction). Try it, next time stop just before he blows and ask for something trivial like chocolates or a meal. It’s an almost guaranteed yes. But there are flaws: If the ask is too big it’s unlikely to work or once he’s done he’s likely to forget all about it (just like we do now and again oops!).
This is where the tease denial super powers come in. When a chasity cage is used (and he hasn’t got the key, so can’t whip it off) He HAS to wait longer for that orgasm, he loves being horny. The teasing makes him super horny so he’s practically begging to get out. Then when you sexily tell him “No, but you can do something else sexy” (to me that is), “then maybe tomorrow I will let you out, it will be so So worth it”.
And then (when the urge fades), HE THANKS YOU FOR NOT LETTING HIM COME? Crazy isn’t it? Like the total opposite to how I’ve tried to get my own way in the past.
Eventually he will be so desperate he will agree to anything and then cage goes straight back on so it is impossible for him to forget, in fact forgetting would be a very bad idea if he wants to consider any more treats or releases in the near future.
The bit that I love most about this whole idea is that it is “His Idea” and he will actually thank me for it. It’s so fucked up I love it! That thing he keeps wearing (that I found quite off putting) is now looking like a big, BIG plus: “Be careful what you wish for" springs immediately to mind.
So my brain is ticking away. And our new future looks like this:
I hold the key, (this is my gift to him). How and when he has an orgasm is up to me now (simple enough). 
I get to take ownership of his penis. Once locked up, it's mine. My toy. He doesn’t own it. It’s just parked on his body. It exists for my pleasure and amusement. I can take it out and use it, then put it back safely in its cage whenever I want. You’d be surprised how powerful this concept is to me now. (Why am I sitting with an evil grin on my face?)

He will do things for me in return (this bit I like). And he will be a lot more sensitive to my needs (OK my wants, it’s the same thing), and I know “exactly” what I need (yip yip).
I’m already thinking ahead. His masturbating stops. Good. It’s an insult I won’t put up with any longer.
He is nicer when he’s in need. Then he sneaks off fantasising about god know what and blows his load. That's bye bye Mr nice guy, bye sex and bye bye Mr Considerate. Selfish bastard! He should be looking at me not banging one off in fantasy land. Women are taught that male masturbation is fine.. BY MEN. Aren’t men full of bullshit?"
Sorry, quick rant over with. 
So times up and I have to get on with my thousand never ending (and unnoticed) jobs but my mind is now racing with possibilities. By the time my husband gets home I have a plan and now IM worried he might have changed his mind.
And here He comes now; poor little baby had a hard time sitting down at his desk all day.
Lights, Camera, Action!
“Hello Lover boy, hard day at work? Never mind. Why don’t you make me a nice Mocha, and some of those fancy almond biscuits would be nice, and then I can take that little key with its big burden off you”. “Close your mouth dear you’ll be catching flies”
I sit down with my feet up and hear my husband searching the cupboards, moaning aloud and getting more worried. “Not got biscuits” came a muffled voice from the kitchen.
“What! Oh no, maybe tomorrow th… ” before I’ve finished my sentence I hear the door slam, running steps and the car drives away. This is going to be so much fun.
I enjoyed my coffee but need to get on. "You can pamper me this evening and I’ll talk to you at bed time”. I say “So please don't mention anything related to this again before then"
He's in a lovely mood all evening. Not even a pest, we eventually get the kids to settle and we go to the bedroom.
"Ok darling, I’ve read up a bit, I might have to read more yet because getting sense out of you can be hard work”.

“Yes honey” he says, obviously horny as hell, and he continues “so did you want to do something now?”
Typical! “No, I want to talk, and all I need from you is a yes or no, ok?”
“yes honey”
“I will keep the key for you but I have a few simple rules, If It doesn’t work out, you get it back. I’ll keep the key on me. Maybe wear it to tease you, but it's MY key now, and it’s My toy that’s locked up in there So you don’t touch or play with it or try to get it out”.
“yes, erm. I mean no honey”
“I will try to remember to tease you and check that you’re keeping my toy safe. You don't get time out on your own without permission unless there is a genuine problem. But don’t worry; I know your limits so I won’t push you past them. Well, too much that is. Ok?” 
He looked at me as if he was relieved of some great burden. "Yes Honey. Thank you. Thank you so much”

“Good” I say, that’s step one out of the way, confirmation that this really IS what he wants, men can be quite confusing about what they do actually want, it drives me crazy. 
Now I have the “but you did ask for this” card, I can get started. 
“Now it’s been Three days since you last came isn’t it?” I ask “Yes Honey” “and you haven’t sorted yourself out since?” “No honey”.
That’s Good, it’ll speed things up a bit. “Good Husband. So you'd like to have a little fun tonight?”
“Yes.. That is, if that is what you want my darling”.
“Correct answer. Well done. I’ll let you treat me to a massage and possibly some tongue tonight. I will let you out to play in a few days. Yes, day six. So that would be… Saturday. As long as you don’t mess it up that is”, I look at him for a reply, eyebrow raised, because it isn’t really a question now is it.
“Yes. Yes thank you darling. Thank you, I won’t let you down, thank you for doing this for me”.
So here we go, it’s got to be worth a few days to see if this is as real as claimed to be. 
And so he massaged me, and then did everything else required, making me as relaxed as only a shuddering orgasm and body rub can achieve. He didn’t ask for or seem to expect anything in return, just kissed me, said “thank you” and lay down. I remember thinking “Yes, he does look younger tonight”. I cupped his balls (because you do have to give something in return) and drifted off to sleep a very, very happy woman.
And that was the start of a fantastic new journey that would benefit the both of us. At the time, I actually felt excited at how this might turn out. My chances of getting a puppy went from Never to forever in a couple of weeks, yip!

This is how it went.
I knew that in order for this to work I had to put something into it, yes it would be a bit more work, but I would get a lot more back. I found quite a few tips on the net that helped a great deal with being a key holder (reminds me of Ghost Busters “I am the key holder”, yeah ok Geeks I know its “gate keeper” or, who really gives a damn? Just.. never mind).
To get the ball rolling (or balls filling) I gave the appropriate tease and flirts, pinched his bum or pat his cage, told him how it turned me on knowing he was locked up (even if it didn’t) just to make it known I haven't forgotten about his efforts.
When he came in I would talk to his waist "Hello Mr Pickle how’s my little toy doing. Is he keeping you safe for me?"
The realization that I really did control his cock now was turning me on... a lot! (Fancy that). “If there’s something strange in th..” (Darn it, that song’s in my head now).
The following couple of days included Lots of help with chores as well as nightly tongues, toys & massages, all my idea and certainly more orgasms than I would normally need or even want, what had come over me (not him obviously.) I was buzzing with it.
He really hadn’t come for nearly Six Days? (Yeah I know, so what, but it’s my husband I’m talking about) and it dawned on me that all the attention I was getting was genuine. Not as a prelude to His sexual release (because he knew wouldn’t be getting any, I had made it perfectly clear he wouldn’t and asking would incur a penalty). Maybe the “no pressure” thing was what had me so horny?
I knew he was desperate to come (although I’m not sure I should have enjoyed that bit), so I’d offered to stroke his cage or perenium (oh he likes that) each night while he calmed down and I fell asleep. Not a bad exchange really.
I did miss Mr Pickle. My sex toys are amazingly filling, but I did miss him thrusting against me, I wanted some Man meat. I didn't want to go past Six days myself, so I was glad he hadn’t fucked it up and added more days. I wanted a Real Cock in me (although a tip I had read to was apply numbing cream so he could bang away without coming really appealed), but Cumming this time is something I wanted and part of the plan, so I was fine making him wait until tomorrow.
I hear a great alternative is a strap-on for him with a realistic dildo about his size (or bigger even he he), so you still get the feeling of being man shagged without messing up his “cum holiday”. Just having him look at the pictures of this possible item will blow his mind.

Finally, on day six I made him earn his release (of course). He was very romantic all day, gave me lots of sexual attention in the evening and eventually, I told him he would be allowed to come out and he would be parting with his cum very soon.
It was up to me how he would cum, so I hadn't had to worry about being tired or not in the mood (yet another big plus, because who knows how horny they might be in a weeks time?). I had had time to look up some more tips on teasing, which I knew would tickle a few of his Kinky bones. 
I wanted another couple of orgasms first (and times like this are great for trying to work out what else should be on the grocery list), so I simply lay back and said “OK, start earning your release”. He went to work with his tongue (which is always a nice start) and with the help of one of my many wonderful toys, he eventually earned the key, (Which I was just getting ready for him), when out of the blue I sang: “Who ya gonna call”. 
“Sorry what darling? I need to call somebody for the key?”
“Um.. no poor baby, don’t worry I have it here, I just got this song in my head”.
When he stood up to unlock I was quite surprised at how my little caged toy was literally swelling through the bars, and honestly wondered if cock could bend steel. It burst out as soon as the lock was undone, from Mr. Pickle to Mr. Cucumber instantly. Had I really got him this turned on? Wow! Pat on the back girlfriend.
And now it was my turn to show him how much I was worth waiting for.
I tried a technique I'd read about called edging which is as simple as bringing him near orgasm and then bringing him down again then do it over. I fed him any spillage (another kink of his) without consulting him, and this just seemed to fuel his frenzy. 

So… I rode him slowly. Still having mini orgasms myself, I kept taunting and teasing him, bringing him to the boil and then lifting off completely. “Down boy, no Cumming until I say so” and I would wait until he calmed down. Rinse and repeat.
Eventually I told him he was going to fill my pussy up, that I might even feed him my pussy afterwards. It’s something that I knew would push him over the edge (and I have to add that it is an incredible feeling if you ever get the chance to try, think only of your own pleasure, ignore the struggles from below and Go for it. It is such an incredible ride).
“Maybe I will make you lick my pussy clean, My well fucked puffy red lips, your very own freshly made cream pie” and…. whoosh! (He is Sooo predictable), he bucked and jerked for ages. I came again just from him Cumming so hard.. That was nice.
My husband looked so funny after he came, afraid, nervous, panic setting in, that’s HALF of the confusing bit with Men and this type of fetish, they really want something and then change their minds just when its ready, and you really DO have to force them while they panic and plead a change of mind. Well, I treat it like a meal; he asked for it, I’ve done all the hard work and prepared it for him and I am literally serving it on his favourite platter, and now he’s gone off the idea (Grrrr!!).
Well, he’s fucking eating it! And there’s the other HALF of the confusing bit. After you’ve forced him, kicking and screaming, He’s all “Wow! That was the most amazing orgasm I ever had”... (Yup, a man’s mind, makes no sense at all). 
I could tell he thought I wasn’t going to do it, and in all honesty I hadn’t planned to, but that look just fired me up. Fuck it why not, I’m in control now, let’s just see if he’s got used to that yet.
“If you ever want MY toy to come out and play again, don’t even try to stop me”. Oh my god, did I really say that? Yes. Yes I did, I don’t know what came over me, but I was so excited, turned on, fired up and I so wanted to do this, I was shaking in anticipation.
I inched my way up his body slowly, watching the horror on his face and enjoying it more by the second. When I finally rested my legs over his arms and pinned them down, I placed my hands on the headboard and lowered my slippery shaved pussy onto his lips. I encouraged him to clean me up “Oh yes, that’s good” while I moved around enjoying the softness of my husband’s tongue after the earlier pounding. He soon got into the idea, I knew he would, so I closed my eyes, pushed all thought of how unladylike this was from my head and enjoyed the moment. “Oh, so good, so nice, oh fuck yes right there..”
I think I nearly killed him when an orgasm ripped through me. I nearly rammed his head through the bed, but all I could think was. “This is definitely going on my list of thing to do more often”, and as my orgasm subsided, I looked down at my husband, now covered in our combined juices (eww! I’m glad we’re on HIS pillow), and said “Ghost Busters” 
My husband said, “Oh I get it, I’ve been slimed, erm? I really hadn’t expected that.” He was, grinning from ear to ear, eyes sparkling like distant city lights. He looks like The Cat that had got the cream. Yes, I had to laugh thinking about that one.
I climbed down and lay by his side, Sexhausted (I made that word up), then dozed off for a while. All that bouncing up and down and having orgasms can be hard work for a lady. Shortly after I came round, nudged snoring drool boy and said: “Ok lover boy, cage back on. You know the rules”. And on it went, simple as that.
“Let's try for seven days this time shall we”?
My plan was well and truly on its way (yip yip!) seven days till P day.
The following day he was back to normal. Helpful still but the enthusiasm had gone. It’s like all the loving caring and enthusiasm spurted out of the end of his cock (no wonder he wants to hold it off. and now I couldn’t agree more).
I wasn’t sure how he would handle seven days, he can be a real pain in the ass after three, but would you believe. It has always been. “Oh I need to cum”. “Oh my god it’s been like three days now.. Oh I'm so grumpy having to wait, oh poor hard done by me, you obviously don’t love me anymore” (ffs).
But Now, Now! It's. “Oh my god I'm so excited. It’s been three days already, I’m so horny. If I’m good it’s only four more days to go”. W.T.F? And. Get this. That is all the deal gets him, to come out. I could just let him out to jack himself off (although I should at least be there) and he would still thank me? I Love This! Love it, love it, love.. ah!
No. I had bigger plans, much bigger; I needed a big reward so I had to make this a BIG event.
So this week I have been merciless, bending in front of him to check my laces, bending to show him I don’t have a bra on (at the moment, I don’t make a habit of it), I had him come stand in the shower and clean me whil I stood under the shower, all nice and hot and glistening, and he had to stand in the draught out of the warm water in just his cage. Teasing can be so much fun.
I read many tips on easy teasing techniques (here’s a good one: Ask him to write down his favourite fantasies, or a list of turn on scenarios, It will take him all day (time off for you) and he will be horny just doing it, the list might even come in useful as passion fuel for the future.
All that week I had him either massage a part of my body, allowed him to kiss my pussy good night or go down on me if, all of a sudden I wanted it. A couple of times I didn’t and then woke in the night and just put my hand on top of his head to push him under the covers. 
Not Once, did he make it known he “expected” something in return. He did ask on one occasion, (day four I think) “wouldn’t you like some real cock instead of the Dildo?” and at that moment I did, and it’s my cock now so why not. I had some haemorrhoids cream by the bed from months ago (Worth a try rather than a double condom). Unlocked him, rubbed it in and had him wait a while before letting him plough me.
I told him he wasn’t allowed to come, and to pull out if he was going to, but there was No fear of that. He went like a man possessed. He was digging me out, so deep! Grunting and ramming but nothing more for him. He couldn’t come. But one thing about being Man rammed for me is I can Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until I literally run out of orgasm energy or pass out entirely (Oh yes! There’s another one for the list, more cream).
So as the week progressed I have had countless orgasms and he had had none. Amazingly the morning following each fuck/suck/toyfuck session where I don’t allow him to cum. He thanks me for holding his orgasm off, tells me how amazing he feels, even though that night his penis was almost raw with trying. Other nights he has literally been begging me to let him out (until I reminded him that I could add a day for grovelling, it’s what you really wanted, and it will be worth waiting for).
As a treat on Friday night I held my vibrator against his cage. He was bucking almost, and so close. But no way was he able come while caged.
I had started wearing the key in the evening, on a chain around my neck; he couldn’t take his eyes off it. “There, right there is my freedom” his eyes were saying.
No way buster, that’s my caged toy now and this is my key. I am the key holder.. Nope, I can’t help it:
“If there's something weird, And it don't look good, who ya gonna call” 
He got quite moody at one point about how “the rules should be re-negotiated” so I replied. "Ok, I've added a week. Negotiate that captain caged cock” and then when he was about to make a big mistake by opening his mouth “Please moan some more, there are so many days left in this fucking year." (Breath in count to ten, breath out).
The way he responded. Wow? You’d think I'd chopped his penis off. He spent the whole day doing everything in his power to earn it back on the edge of tears; I’d have felt sorry for him if he hadn’t started all this in the first place. Yes, be careful what you wish for indeed. Finally after a take-out and lots more shit shovelling. I put it back to seven days (which just happened to be tomorrow and suited me better).

THEN DAY SEVEN CAME. Make or break time. Prepare for my best performance.
Now it’s amazing how things from the past have an odd way of popping up, No not his cock, that’s well and truly not popping anywhere. I mean stupid man kinks that have tried and failed to make it to the starting line.
“Baby, do you still have that butt plug you tried to get me interested in”?
Ah! he had meant to throw it away and forgot to, isn’t that lucky (see, full of bullshit). “Good, go get it dear, see it’s nice and clean”.
Maybe tonight he will regret not throwing it away when he said he would 
I dressed up a little. A very naughty Goth number I’d had him treat me to earlier in the week, (it was part of his teasing. Making him look at all those naughty naughty toys in the online store). 
I had him rub me all over, including my feet and relaxed to let him worship my pussy, I came very quickly. “Pop that butt plug in now please honey. Well done” 
I asked him to lie on his back. I rubbed massage oil on my hands and began to give him a hand job (over his cage of course). The frustration was obvious. 
I don’t know what came over me then? Maybe the power, the situation? I hovered my pussy over his steel caged cock and lowered myself slowly until my lips parted over the smooth metal and sent shock waves through me.
His cage is only a few inches long so it was frustrating for both of us for different reasons. I bobbed up and down barley inches just so my lips parted and stretched. Short, quick strokes and I came again, totally unexpected Wow!
I looked him in the eyes and said "You know how it is now, if I let you come inside me you will have to clean me up”.
“Yes darling. Anything you say”.
“My toy looks like it’s going to break out of its cage darling, you must be so frustrated” I said, “is that butt plug pressing on your man glands”? 
“Yes Darling, it’s aching quite a bit now”. Can I please cu..”
“So” I ask. “If you could have anything in the world right now”.
“Please let me out” he blurted out before I had finished.
Oh yes! That was so much sooner that I though, (ever heard of hook line and sinker. There’s the HOOK right there).
I remove the key from around my neck and dangle it in front of his eyes. He doesn’t dare touch it. Just stares like an owl following a mouse.
I drop the key onto his tummy. “Ok” I reply, “wish granted. You can let MY toy out, but no touching, I can be quite possessive about my new things”
He stared at me mid breath, so I continued “you know I’m the only one allowed to play with it don’t you. That was agreed. I’ll let you have ten minutes looking at it, but then you have to put it away again”
I put my finger to my lip and forced my face into thinking pout. “Was it seven or eight days next time?” 
He didn’t touch the key; his eyes darted between my eyes and the key, desperately trying to work out how he had fucked that one up so badly. (This. Is. So Much Fun!)
I just stared at him lovingly, eyebrows raised, look of true concern.
“Wasamatter baby, you don’t want the key now? Or would you like to try again? Another wish maybe?
“Yes please Honey, I didn’t realise, I erm.. Please can I make another wish?” 
“Sure Baby.”
I am so kind aren’t I?
“So, if you could have anything in the wor...”
“I need to come! Pleeease let me come”.
Ya know, some people never learn. And That’s the LINE, right there, Wow! even I can’t believe he blew that one so quickly.. AGAIN.
“Oh Baby, Of course, silly me I didn’t realise, Ok. You have the key, here’s a wipe. You can pop to the loo if you like and do it there.” Pause. “Off you go then”.
His goldfish impression was quite impressive; it was obvious the brain in his penis was now having a heated debate with the brain in his head.
“uhh, b. b. but”
So I continue stroking his cage.. (face of an angel, true understanding, yes, so far I HAD offered him everything he had asked for.
“What Baby, you want more? Why.. You’ve had two wishes already, and all your wishes have been granted tonight haven’t they? But you still look like you want more, Maybe a third wish? Oh your such a greedy man tonight”.
Ahhh. Poor husband, so adorable with that look on his face, got to love him.
“Ok. One more wish then, because you have been so so good”.
He started to breathe again, a chance, thank goodness for another chance..
“So you third wish is?”
“You Honey, I want you to make me come”, (and there’s the SINKER right there).
“I hunger for your touch” (oh dear, cheesy lines time) “Please, make me cum honey please make all my dreams come true” (and another one) “and end this for me”.
End it? Not a chance mister, I’m only just getting started
“Ah!” I pout a little ” You want ME to make you come. Why didn’t you say so”?

“Ok then, For your third and final wish I will make you come” I say ” I can make you come so very hard,”
“Yes, yes”
“Maybe I could ride you, Maybe I could suck you”.
“Yes yes yes”
“Maybe I will tease you to the edge first and then suck you”
“Oh god yes” 
“And then make you swallow it. It’s my toy, but what comes out is all yours”.
Now I’ve got him thinking.
“Ohhhh God Please honey, please do these things to me now please”.
Wow! That really does still get you turned on. “Ok then. I will make sure you swallow it as well. Is this your third wish? Is that what you want more than anything in the whole world”?
“Yes, that’s what I want”.
“Ok then, but I will have to lock you up afterwards so we can keep playing this naughty game; I’m not willing to give you this key back”.
I turn the key.
“Oh yes. Yes baby, please, anything. I can’t stand this any longer”.
“I'm your key holder now. I can become your key holder for as long as I like, maybe always.” (not a question).
I remove the cage, its actually quite difficult to do because his manhood is swelling through the bars. But I tug it off anyway.
I quickly rub the end of his penis, feeling it stiffen and then move my hand to gently couple his balls.
“Oh fuck Honey, Yes. Please do this for me; please be my key holder always”.
I rub my thumb in little circles around his engorged head, impressed at how much pre cum he has leaking out. 
“This is a big thing you’re asking of me” I say, looking him in the eye while I allow him to suck my pre cum covered thumb. It must be the butt plug pushing against his prostate.
“And in return I get?”
“Anything honey, anything you like”.
Slowly stroke, scoop, let him lick it clean, stroke.
“Ok. There’s a thing I would like, just one wish really, I mean you have had three wishes.. See how nice I am?”
I lower my lips to his glistening penis and suck the head slowly into my mouth (his pre cum is a lot sweeter than his cum thank goodness), then continue slow strokes with my hand, up and down the full length, then let it pop from my mouth.
I continue “But I don’t want this for me, I want it for us, I think it might be better if it were your idea”.
Slowly stroke, lick, stroke
“Please, please, I beg you, please” (oh god this is so much fun), “pleeese I’ll take you for a meal, holiday, car, you want a car?”.
(He has no idea, hmmm. Holiday? No, stay on track).
Slowly stroke, lick, stroke
"Think a bit harder.. That’s a GOOD BOY" 
Slowly stroke, lick, stroke, his breath is quickening, I ease up a bit.
“What do WE want?” I ask again “Come on. I can’t put a lead on you and walk you to the answer”. 
Suck, ease off.
“You have to finish this sentence”. “WE” pause “want” pause “A”..
He’s about to cum. I feel it go super hard. I let go totally… A tiny bit of cum drools out of his twitching cock, funny how it bounces up and down like that. (yes that blog edging and spoilt orgasm was so informative).
“Oopsie! You just ruined your first attempt. Here we are, eat this” I scoop up the drops and put my fingers into his mouth “and I’ll keep on sucking you. THERES – A – GOOD – BOY”
Suck, lick, stroke… “I can’t take you for “Walkies” to find the answer”
He looks like he just discovered gold. or a porn mag. Ah! The penny is finally dropping. HE JUST WORKED SOMETHING OUT Hallelujah! Only Unlimited energy or World piece would justify that look, or possibly the answer to make his orgasm finally happen.
He’s about to come again, I LET GO. Totally. I know if I even so much as breath on it now I’ve lost my chance.
He starts to have a mini fit. His whole body bouncing along with his bouncing cock, slightly more cum leaks out.
“Noooooooooooooo” he groans. “Nooooo, oh my god please don’t stop now”.
He calms down again, Phew! That was too close (perfect, but too close).
I reach over for the cage.. “Maybe you need to think about it for another day.. or two?
What.. Oh No no no don’t, please no..
“Stop bubbling, that’s my toy and I say yes or No. This is the game you wanted. I’m trying to give you what you want, No your not grateful at all, I have given more than you asked for. Three fucking wishes, looked after you key all this time, let you pleasure me constantly. I think maybe you’re not very grateful, it’s all about you, not trying hard enough maybe?”.
This was all said while I stroked up and down his thighs, causing his cock to twitch every time I went near it.
And instantly he replied
“No baby, Really, I love this, I really love this, I love what we are doing, oh my god I’ve never felt so good as I have this past few weeks, lock me up if you have to, I’m sorry, I just wanted to come so much, I didn’t mean to sound so ungrateful.
And you know what, I knew he meant it, how had we become this open about feelings?
“OK Baby I believe you. One more chance then, but I am getting tired now.
You have to finish this sentence. 
Sucks and strokes
Suck and stroke, squeeze his balls. 
Suck and stroke, squeeze 
I feel his penis go super hard (again). I’m about to stop. And.. (Third time lucky)
He fills my mouth with gush after gush of cum, So quick as a flash, while he is still gibbering and dribbling I crawl up his body, yep, his eyes are already changing from “anything miss” to “not interested thanks”
Well he’s ab-so-fucking-lutly eating this after making me go through all that! Besides, I know he will thank me for making him swallow it. He’s mentioned a few times that the best orgasm he ever has was when I forced him to eat it (even though he nearly kicked me off the bed trying to get away).
I hold his nose. "If you want to make me happy, open wide".
He swallows "Good Husband” 
I looked him in the eye.
“Yes I agree darling. I knew you would get there eventually” I said “I will have a look around and maybe in a few days (or more) we can go have a look”. 
And he replied “Ok baby, that sounds good, I’m really looking forward to it”
And he was, he really was, He knows how happy we will be and wants me to be happy. I do truly love this man.
“Let’s get this cage back on you just as a little reminder of how much you want to please me”.
And so the cage goes back on, exactly where he wants it, now he can relax.
“There now, that’s better. Maybe we can get the house all sorted out for our new member of the family in.. ohh let me think. . eight days?”
“Yes darling” and the smile he gives make his whole face shine “that sound wonderful”.
“What do we want again?”
“A puppy darling, We want a puppy”

And there we have it. Success all around I think.
And so. A few notes to help the wickedly unwise
Be his key holder. For him and for a hundred reasons. Because that's what he wants. because it's good for him and you. Because he loves you and he's worth it, or because you want him to love you more.
For any and all reasons. Do this one thing and perhaps you'll never look back.
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

Post by Sparkster »

An interesting ending variation, would have been if the wife decided to make her husband her new puppy.
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

Post by TwistedMister »

Sparkster wrote: Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:40 pm An interesting ending variation, would have been if the wife decided to make her husband her new puppy.
Yeah, when I read the title, that's where *I* thought it was going to go...
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

Post by KittensBoyToy »

The only disappointing thing about your story is that I waited 6 days to read it! Unlike Sparkster and Twisted Mister, I knew where this was going.

M'Lady has been talking about another cat for a while and these 2 came home from the shelter Tuesday night.
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

Post by Mr Pickle »

Sparkster wrote: Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:40 pm An interesting ending variation, would have been if the wife decided to make her husband her new puppy.
Oh.. I like that :evil:
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

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KittensBoyToy wrote: Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:33 am The only disappointing thing about your story is that I waited 6 days to read it! Unlike Sparkster and Twisted Mister, I knew where this was going.

M'Lady has been talking about another cat for a while and these 2 came home from the shelter Tuesday night.

Tom and Jerry.jpg
thanks for the pics. Tom and Jerry are adorable. I love Cats. One of the few animals I would choose reincarnation.
Seeing how spot they look. I'll put my name down to live with you guys ;)
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

Post by Excited+Scared1 »

Fantastic read! Thank you so much.
If I could live that word for word tomorrow I would.
So erotic - I’m away for work and uncaged, so the inevitable happened. T won’t be happy!!!
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

Post by Dvl4 »

Wow!! That was awesome! Thanks so much for that story. It felt like I was in every scenario. Your attention to detail and story telling in general is amazing. Thanks for that 😬😬✌️
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

Post by Luv2belocked »

What a great story! I loved how she slowly used her power to get what she wanted!! Very hot, 🔥🔥
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Re: I want a puppy. He wants locking up.

Post by Mr Pickle »

It is surprising. Looking back to when I first started this story
How much of the fantasy has become part of our everyday.
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