How to get out of a Holy Trainer with no key

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How to get out of a Holy Trainer with no key

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I happen to have been stuck in a chastity cage with a key which many do not know are used to lock cabinets in the kitchen, that would turn but the end part would not. I will not discuss how long and painful it was to get out. Luckily I have one ball smaller than the other. Those keys are not made to take a lot of strain of a lot of exposure to water. As someone who is locked 24/7 going on his 11th year (work from home and retired so easy to stay locked) never trusted those cabinet keys that came with the Holy trainer and the worst ones that came with cheaper cages. So I tended to use cages with a padlock. One snip of a bolt cutter and you are free.

I used to buy $25 keys every 3 months for my Holy Trainer and oiled them well. Most Times I would unlock during a shower. For we serious chastity men, we know locked or not we can masturbate and cum so unlocking for a shower is not going to increases the chances of an orgasm. In any event, just ask those into this long term, it is your promise to not orgasm without permission that counts. Look at it like a marriage. All that prevents you from cheating is a wedding vow and your wedding ring does not stop cheating, it is there as a reminder of the vows you made. If a man wants to cheat or orgasm in a chastity cage, he will and without much of a problem either.

Now back to how to get out. I tired a file and the triangle ones work but it takes a long.... time to cut through a ring. Now is a good time to remind you to protect your family jewels because a file, know or other cutting object and slip and then you are lacking a ball to hold a chastity cage in place. So a file is a long and slow process but will eventually do the job.

A knife works even slower; much slower and it must be a thin very sharp blade. Serrated blades do not work that well. I collect knife and had over 100 to experiment with. A large heavy fixed blade will eventually work but it is too big to handle in such a fragile and confined area. Too easy to slip and castrate you. Some may like that. I do not.

I tried one of those wire saws that you wrap around the ring and move back and forth. It did start to cut but too slow for my tastes and so I stopped. Plus the ring as to be held very securely in place and the wife is very long making it awkward. More of a two person job.

What worked the best and fastest for me was using an Exacto small saw. I think it costs $9 on Amazon. Two micro blades come with a handle. I started to cut and it did so immediately. Small enough to be a one man job. It was pretty fast and probably would have been done in 10 minutes or so but I am impatient when it comes to a trapped cock.

Finally I found the best way, and I bought a lot of micro tools to test. My Dremel is kind of big and unwieldy for my tastes. You need good control over your cutter. So I used the Exacto saw to cut a groove in the the plastic ring. I was almost halfway through in 5 minutes. However I was concerned as it got closer to my balls. So next I took one of my man knives and used it to widen the cut. The Exacto uses very fine blades so the cut is very tight. I used one of my serrated knives to widen the cut a little bit. Then I got something I recently bought that would get me out of anything, a large bolt cutter. However as large as it was, I was surprised at how little the blades separated. Not for thick locks at all. However I was able to get it into the grove on the ring, just barely. I next applied some elbow grease and it snapped that ring with an audible snap. I was then able to twist the ring to remove my balls and once that was done, the cage came off easily.

I am assuming that you can simply just use the bolt cutters from the beginning and in two seconds you are free. If you use a ring that is very wide you will need a larger bolt cutter. Luckily they show you how wide the cutter opens so you can measure. I knew the one I bought was just barely going to make it and it did enough to be able to cut the ring. So check it out first.

I suggest that you always have a bolt cutter if you are going to be in chastity, no matter if for an hour or a year. The locks that come with most cages are cheap and can fail just as easily in an hour than a month. My first one broke the same day I used it. You can always buy one on Amazon to arrive the next day. Sounds like a smart thing to do instead of spending money on something you may never need. I have 50+ years in BDSM and that meant padlocks and chains so I always had a bolt cutter in my house.

You may say that is paranoid. Every get suddenly so sick that you have to call 911. I have done that three time in my life. The first time was due to a kidney stone that was infecting half of my chest and collapses a lung and almost half a second lung. This was 1am in a regional hospital with no limited staff on a Sunday night. I was lucky that they at least had someone working the CAT scan to see what was going on They called a surgeon and quickly wheeled men into an operating room and cut off my clothes as it was that critical. Plus they had to go through my urethrea to get at a it and then insert a catheter afterwards. I doubt that anyone there would know if they even had a bolt cutter, much less where it was located and seconds counted. I was so bad that I spent 8 days in the hospital with three of those days in isolation due to catching a staff infection after the operation because they did not have time to be as clean as they should have been as they were trying to save my life. Luckily my wife, who forget I was locked in chastity, was able to unlock me as it would have delayed my operation if they had to find a bolt cutter, not a normal surgical instrument. I guess they might have been able to use something they cut bones with but why take the chance.

Second time was last month when I had a heart attack. EMS was 1 minute away since I live in a retirement community with several roaming EMS trucks riding around. They got here very fast and where coming in the door when I told my wife to get the keys to my cage and the them to wait. Well, they were annoyed. Time was of the essence and there I was holding them up. I their mind they could not imagine why I would delay when they rushed over to my home so fast. In my mind was that it would delay the operation if they had to remove my cage for a catherther.

My advice is always have an emergency key with you. Not one where you have to call someone to get a combination or remote control release. Do not put your well-being in someone else's hands. I learned that laying on my back one Christmas Eve 5O years ago before my chastity days but during my BDSM days. I was always into BDSM and fetish sex. I lived in a poly triad, was a cuckold and bull. All four of my loves, including my wife are bisexual. You name it and odds are that I did it as I was very kinky. So much so that when my wire ran into an old girlfriend of hers and told her who she married, the response she got was, "You married that pervert??|". My wife had seen my picture and heard my name. Back in the sixties I was doing stuff that even porn stars would not do like anal sex, analingus, toilet sex, etc.. Mot girls thought it was gross and perverted but some loved it an I ha a lot of sex. At 14 I had an 18 year old girlfriend who loved the fetish sex I introduced to her. I also lost my virginity to a gay friend who died last year. Back then, finding girls who were willing to do things was impossible. I had sex with two or three teens my age but as soon as I found the 18 year old who taught me a lot as I taught her, no more males in my life. I am not sexually attracted to men, just to orgasms. :)

I carry a key in a sealed small envelope designed to puts stamps in used buy stamp collectors. It is sealed and signed by my wife so she will know if I used it. I always advise guys whose only sexual education is porn, to never do anything that can injure you with somebody that does not put your welfare before all else. An online key holder is no good when you balls are on fire and FedX is behind in their deliveries or if someone else has all the keys and you have to call them and ask them to hurry to your house and find out she is visiting a friend out of State or too drunk or stoned to drive. It is not about the key or your cage. Chastity is all about the power exchange and promise you make not to make yourself cum because you man do so easily and I know that for a fact. Only took a minute after 6 month of orgasm denial. It was my wife's idea. Do be safe rather than sorry and be prepared for it is not there things you think of that bite you in the ass, it is those things that you never think of that do.
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