The Hotel Pt. 1

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The Hotel Pt. 1

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Jonah quietly shut the door as he walked into the hotel room behind Vivian. He placed a medium sized, black duffel bag on the long wooden dresser as Vivian check out the room.
"Take off your clothes" she said without looking at him. "And put one of the blindfolds on.
As Jonah did as he was told, with the last thing him seeing was Vivian striding into the bathroom. He soon heard the sound of the running shower.
He stood there for a few minutes, unmoving and completely naked, save for the blindfold and the steel cage that was uncomfortable keeping his penis from becoming erect.
A rustling sound came from in front him, probably Vivian looking for something in the duffle bag. His arms were then pulled behind him and a bound tightly with a rope.
"I don't want to get the cuffs all wet. They are a pain to try and dry. Vivian's voice seductively from behind.
Then Jonah let out a grown as Vivian smacked his balls. "I am so looking forward to this tonight." Then a second and third time.
She then grabbed his cage and tugged him toward the bathroom. Jonah could do nothing but follow.
Jonah could feel the mist of the warm water on his skin. He was not directly under the flow and whatever water was getting to him was probably bouncing off of Vivian's full body. He could see it in his mind. His penis raged at the steel even more.
"You know Jonah, I am glad we are having this time together. So much for us to talk about." Her voice not directly in front of him. She was probably rinsing her hair. She always did it with her face in the water.
"First off" she continued "I know you intended the cock cage just for play and it has only been on about 2 days, but I am very much enjoying the difference it is making. I think I may leave it on you for an indefinite amount of time." Jonah's breath quickened. He was not sure how he felt about that, but at the moment it just turned him on more.
"Another reason I might keep that cage on you" One of Vivian's hands pulled hard down on his cage. Jonah took the hind and awkwardly went down on his knees. "I know you like getting jollies off in my mouth, especially when I'm on my period", she pushed her fingers into his mouth, causing him to gag a little "but I don't really much care for it. So, if keep that thing you on, I don't have to worry about it anymore."
Jonah gagged more as Vivian removed her finger from his mouth but them immediately shoved a bar of soap in.
"I want you to think about this taste every time you think about putting your dick in my mouth."
With one hand pushing from behind his head, Vivian worked a good lather in Jonah's mouth. With a strong grip on his hair, she pushed his head down to her feet, "Make sure you get between my toes". Jonah made sure to clean every part of her food and leg with his soapy mouth. Before he could get to her crotch though, she grabbed his head, relathered his mouth and pushed him down to the other foot.
Before he could reach her crotch the second time, again, her fingers entangled in his hair, pull his head back. This time her grip was even tighter, holding his head in place.
"You really want this, don't you", she lightly brushed herself against his face. "No, no, I don't think I want you to have that. If you are good, maybe later. Maybe. Instead you can have this." Her grip pushed his head forward, firmly planting his face between her ass cheeks.
Jonah hesitated. He had never done this before. "I'm waiting." Her voice coming in a pant. Jonah's tongue started working. A gasp escaped Vivian's lips. For several minutes, Jonah worked his tongue in and around Vivian's anus, her moaning and sighing coming at faster and faster intervals.
Jonah's head was then ripped back as Vivian cried in ecstasy and warm fluids covered Jonah's face.
Vivian continued to hold Jonah's head as she worked to catch her breath. "You did good, you did good."
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Re: The Hotel Pt. 1

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Nice start to chapter one of a good hopefully continuing story. Few typos but overall it kept my interest.
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