Cold Steel Part 2

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Cold Steel Part 2

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Picking up from where we left off James has just been asked by his wife Rose to prove that he is hers and hers alone. Rose demand Jame’s cock. Shocked and aroused James was going to find out exactly what kind of fantasy she wanted to have. Rose never once seemed dominant or demanding, always a gentle innocent soul...

“I can give you that” I said with a smile
“Good, now get over here and strip” Rose ordered. I did as I was told excited for what was next and raring to go. Rose noticed this and laughed.

“I’m glad to see my possession to be so full of life. Now then, I need you to go to our bedroom. But before I send you off I need to put these on you” She pulled out four handcuffs all made if stainless steel and proceeded to use each individual handcuff for each hand and leg.

Going absolutely wild, my cock was as hard as diamond. Throbbing with the beat of my heart, I thought (Where was this Rose, How long have you been in hiding) before heading to the room my wife had one more thing to do.

“Look at you, you are certainly enjoying this”
“How could I not? I never seen this side of you” I replied
“You haven’t anything yet James” She stated as she slowly went down on me. Rubbing her hands down my chest as she got closer and closer to my cock. Soon they lay on my hips, she looked at me one last time with an evil smile.

As she took me in her mouth I got a warm and loving sensation, I never had oral like this before. It felt tighter and as she went up and down my shaft that sensation followed until it stopped at my base. She pulled her tender mouth off my cock and grinned.

“There, now you’re ready” I looked down and saw a shiny steel cock ring fastened around my already hard cock. If I wasn’t already excited enough as is, this definitely peaked my interest.

“Why the steel?” I asked
“So I know you can’t break free” She calmly stated

To be continued
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