The Reward

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The Reward

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The Reward

With the pandemic things have been a bit mundane the past 10 months. The weekly bridge game got suspended but a couple of the girls stop by to visit from time to time. I am always required to meet them in the drive, open their doors, help them out of the car and escort them to the house. Once inside they all have a favorite paddle they ask for and I go about serving them as I did at the bridge games.

During most of these visits I am kept nude, sans my cage. On occasion Mistress will have me in a thong, lace panties or a sheer apron. The apron usually also means wearing 2 or 3 inch heels. That combination gets me a lot of good natured teasing from the ladies.

Yesterday I was told to make sure the house was spotless as Mistress had guests coming over today. The girls had all been tested for the virus, came back negative and had self quarantined for two weeks in order to get together. I was informed that this wouldn’t be a game but just a get together for the girls to catch up. Of course I would be expected to prepare and serve snacks as well as drinks for our guests and, if I was diligent enough in my duties, there would be a reward. I went through my notes after the house was cleaned before going to the store to make sure each lady’s favorite wine would be on hand and chilled. This morning I rose early to get the snack trays ready and give the house a final dusting before fixing breakfast for Mistress. My notes also include each lady’s favorite paddle, which I laid out on the hall table to be retrieved as they entered the house. Once the dishes were done I was told to shower and get ready to greet Mistress’ guests. After showering I was sent to the front porch in just my cage to await their arrival.

As they arrived I met each one in the drive to assist them and escort them into the house. After watching each in turn retrieve their chosen paddle I led them into the living room to join Mistress and was rewarded by a couple of swats ‘just to test the waters’ before getting their first glass of wine. Once all Mistress’ guests had arrived I served the first round of snacks and freshened all the glasses. As they chatted I knelt off the side out of the way but where I could keep an eye on everyone, ready to take care of their needs. I did my best to keep up but, of course, they all found something I didn’t do right or fast enough at times. The fact that Mistress had me in 3” heels and hobbled with a 12” chain between my ankles contributed a lot to my slow service. I knew most of the time I had done nothing wrong and it was just a ruse to give the offended lady an excuse to vent her ‘frustration’ at my ineptitude with a couple of applications of a paddle against my steadily reddening ass. All part of the entertainment I provided and, truthfully, I didn’t mind. It was all in fun and none of the swats were intended to be more than that.

The girls chatted and drank for about two hours before turning their collective attention to me. I was ordered to stand in the center of the group, blindfolded and my hands were cuffed behind me. The ladies proceeded to discuss my performance and each ‘mistake’ I had made. Just as I was beginning to think the reward mentioned earlier might be for the group and not me Mistress came up beside me and called for a vote on my fate. I was sure by this point that I was in for a group spanking for my ‘poor’ service. The vote was unanimous, but not what I was expecting. They all agreed that, considering the dual handicaps of the heels and being hobbled, I had performed well. I was given credit for taking the unwarranted, and planned, abuse of my ass without complaint as having been done in fun. The consensus from the group was that I had more than earned a reward.
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