Happy Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary, Joe…

Tonight is yet another anniversary of my not cumming – it is, in fact, the 12 month anniversary of the last time I had an orgasm. As always, Ms Cleo has planned something for the event. "Tonight is going to be really special! After tonight you're really going to have something to celebrate!"

As always, I'm not sure how to take this, as an omen of good or bad I cannot be sure. Even though she has told me that I may never cum again, there is always the chance that she could change her mind. I'm always thinking that maybe tonight will be that night. After all, she usually takes the cage off what used to be my Cock on these monthly anniversary nights for me; maybe tonight she will take it off for good!

It is ten thirty on this Tuesday night, and Ms Cleo has just come home from college. She has taken off all of her clothes and is lying on the bed, wearing only dark red lipstick and the adorable beauty mark that has always taken my breath away, next to the wicked smile that alternately excites me and scares me and often both at the same time.

"Happy anniversary Honey!" she exclaims. She is fully in control and confident – what is this power in whose presence I am powerless? "It's been a full year since I've let you cum! That's quite an accomplishment, you must be very proud!" Ms Cleo looks at me with a sneer on her face. She beckons me to come over to her on the bed. I am naked, as I have been ordered to be until and unless Ms. Cleo instructs me in dress. Well, not exactly naked, wearing only the cock cage as I have for so many months now. She gets up and stares down at me as I lie down next to where She just was. I know what comes next - the handcuffs and shackles that She ties me down with ever since that first month anniversary when I tried to defy Her. These are the price I now pay for any touch of the Cock whatsoever, I accept such confinement in hopes of relief from that other -- the damned cage. Once I am "secured," I am joined by Ms Cleo on the bed.

"You've done so well, Joe. I'd never have guessed you'd make it this far. I thought for sure you'd have rebelled long ago and insisted on cumming! But you haven't, have you? No, you've been a good little Joe since I saw through that "trust me" ruse and locked you up in there. Yes, you've done exactly as I've told you to."

Ms Cleo begins kissing the moles on my face and neck, so tenderly. I love that! As usual I am putty in her hands.

"And look at all the good that's come from it," she continues. "Let's see: You haven't had an orgasm for a whole year, and the Cock you stupidly gave me is locked up in a cage 24/7. Yes, My precious Cock is totally safe from your clumsy hand. And with me holding the only key, you've been kept in a constant, painful state of sexual frustration. The Balls you hold for me are always blue, and you are constantly being humiliated by your beautiful, sexy and lust-driven wife. Gee, it sounds like you've done alright for yourself, eh, Joe?!"

Ms Cleo begins licking my neck. I don't even nod, but just feel a little rush as her tongue touches each mole in its turn.

"And so tonight we celebrate another month of your continuing frustration. Another month of my Domination of you. Another month of my Pussy's victory over the Balls and Cock you surrendered to me. Poor little Joe – never gets his way, and hasn't for a whole year now! See, you had no idea what I meant when I asked that your Cock become mine only, and you said, "Of course, Babe!" You never thought I would actually take the meaty gift you gave me that night, now so long ago, huh? Poor baby! But tonight is going to be very special, Joe! Tonight there will be some changes for the better – for me! Aren't you excited?"

Now I nod my head.

"Well, you should be. Imagine, a whole year of me having had to lock my Cock up in that cage, waiting for one little monthly reprieve! Oh yes, Joe, after tonight your life will be different, you'll see."

Hmmm. Have I been nervous all day for no reason? Maybe tonight will be good for me after all. Maybe tonight is the night that I'll finally get to cum after these 12 long months. Maybe tonight Ms. Cleo will give It back to me. Or if She doesn't, maybe at least I'll feel that long-forgotten, rare, wonderful occasion of orgasm with Her branding me with yet another beauty mark, as She used to do before the cage when that was Her chosen sign of Control and Ownership.

I'll soon find out. Ms Cleo takes out the key and holds it up in front of me to see.

"We won't be needing this key anymore after tonight." My heart leaps! "That sounds like good news, eh, Joe?" Ms Cleo giggles. Could it be? Could it possibly be that she will be setting me free tonight? God, I hope so! It has to mean that! I try to restrain my excitement, as I don't want to upset Ms Cleo into a change of heart. I keep my excitement to myself.

Ms Cleo unlocks the cock cage and pulls it off – ah, immediate relief and incredible anticipation! The cuffs don't even matter. The Cock immediately erects. Ms Cleo grips the Cock in her hand and begins to stroke it a bit. It feels amazing to be held after an entire month of being locked up and untouched. After a few moments stroking it, Ms Cleo pulls me on top of her.

"You may rub My Cock against My Pussy now." Ms Cleo says in her most arrogant tone of voice. I immediately begin rubbing the Cock against her, feeling inside as though I know her secret but don't want to ruin her surprise. Her pussy is so warm. I begin rubbing up against her, and I can feel waves of total excitement cascading over me. I'm entering a zone of hypnotic focus. Having that Cock locked up all year and only being allowed out of the cage for an hour or two each month makes the sensation of feeling my wife's pussy unbelievably exciting. I continue rubbing against her, I can feel her getting moist, wetter and wetter. As I continue Ms Cleo begins licking my neck again, reaching toward and gently rubbing more of the moles scattered across my body. She exploits my fetish for moles, no doubt about it, and it only further intensifies my excitement. Her pointed tongue darts sensually around my face and neck. Then she begins licking my moles like tiny ice cream cones. She arches her pelvis up a bit so that more of her Pussy is exposed to the Cock. I can feel her pussy lips begin to part as I thrust.

"Enjoying yourself?"

"Oh, yes, my Darling, more than words can describe."

"That's nice --"

And then, abruptly, She leaves me. Ms Cleo gets up and goes to the kitchen, and comes back with the ice pack She uses to cool me down when I start getting too excited. She is back in bed, and places the ice pack so that the Cock gets encased in cold ice and begins to shrink. After a few moments the Cock has shrunk to a very small size. When Ms Cleo sees this she pulls the ice away, and lets me commence rubbing up against her pussy again.

This game continues for about an hour, with me repeatedly getting close to cumming, only to have Ms Cleo sharply and severely stop me with that threatening voice I've come to respect so well ("No! Don't cum, Joe!"). She uses the ice occasionally to shrink the stiffening Cock back to being soft again. But soon I'm hard once more, rubbing up against Ms Cleo's Pussy again and again.

"Are you frustrated, Joe?" Ms Cleo asks.

"I'm totally frustrated," I confess. I don't understand the power she has over me that leaves me unable to act stoically and pretend it's no big deal. "I haven't cum in a year, and you've just let me rub this Cock against your Pussy for the last hour. I'm starting to get that burning sensation. It feels like these Balls are going to explode! I feel this hot, burning sensation all through the Cock and Balls. It's so painful I almost want to stop. I don't know what I want -- I'm in so much pain."

"Oh, poor confused little baby," she comforts me now. "We can't have you in pain, now can we? No, that wouldn't be right -- after all, this is your big night -- your anniversary! So let's see if we can't take care of that pain, now, shall we?"

Ms Cleo gets up and goes to the closet. She comes back, removes the shackles from my ankles, but keeps my hands cuffed. Then She shoves me off the bed and onto the floor and places my hands in front of me, insisting, "Get on all fours and spread your legs, Joe." I know by now the cost of defying her is always far worse than of complying with her. Ms Cleo walks behind me.

"Do those Balls hurt from all the frustration?"

"Yes, they ache terribly."

"Well, we can't have that, now, can we?"

"Well, it would be nice if..."

I am interrupted by a sudden yank of the Balls from behind me, as Ms Cleo grabs them in Her warm, strong hand. The pain subsides for a moment, but then I notice the Balls are being pulled, down and back, down and back – Soon I realize She has attached some sort of heavy weight to them, something that is dangling, and swinging. It feels as though She has attached a leash to them and they are pulled, then swung with the weight like a pendulum, and they are no doubt stretching under such strain. I stay on my hands and knees, enduring it.

"Do My Balls still hurt from the frustration?" She is emphasizing Her ownership now – that has never been a good sign during all these long, long months.

"No, now they hurt from being grabbed and yanked and swung and stretched."

"Well, you said you were frustrated and you didn't like it. Honey, I'm not through relieving your frustration. But first, I am going to keep exercising My Balls for – let's see, how many months has it been? Oh yeah, twelve – a whole year! Well, you can ‘hang' for 12 more minutes, right, Joe? I mean, I have to keep My Equipment in tip-top shape, you know what I mean? But don't worry – after I'm done with my exercise I'll lie down on the bed, and I'll let you lie on top of me, OK?" Somehow I'm convinced it will be worth it. The swinging continues…

After a painful near-eternity for "tip-top shape," Ms Cleo gets back on top of the bed, She leads me up by my cuffed hands and I follow suit. She ties my ankles once more, then She lies down and, as instructed, I do the same, on top of Her. She is wearing an evil smile, and Her beauty mark seems to be doing the same.

Though I am still in pain I can tell that Ms Cleo has begun fingering herself. Ms Cleo has started masturbating. She is rubbing herself fervently with her right hand as I lay slumped on top of her, trying to catch my breath from the pain.

"Kiss my face." Ms Cleo instructs. I'm still reeling from the pain in those Balls but I begin to tenderly kiss her face – her lips, her cheeks, her neck – but especially her beauty mark, the focus She insists on, which drew me to her in the first place. I notice Ms Cleo has this incredible smile on her face.

"Grabbing and stretching my Balls got me so hot! It was such a turn-on! It's funny, in a way -- all this time I've been busting your balls figuratively. But now, having grabbed my balls like, having watched my studly balls in their workout, I am reminded of what I sometimes miss out on! Oh, I love them! And I feel so turned-on."

Ms Cleo continues rubbing herself as I continue kissing her face. Ms Cleo sounds as if she is rapidly approaching orgasm. But much to my surprise she stops.

"I don't want to cum quite yet," She says. "And needless to say, Joe, you are not even to think of cumming without my say-so. I have a few more things I want to do before that. (Hope springs eternal – my heart leaps a bit.) I always get a little tired after I cum, you know, but tonight I want to be fully alert, because I don't want to miss the expression on your face I think I'm going to see in just a few moments."

In hindsight, this might have sounded a bit ominous, but in the moment I am so overcome by the possibility that I will once again feel the long-lost ecstacy of ejaculation that I guess I miss the sense of foreboding. She says, "Rub up against my pussy for a little while."

Though there is still a bit of pain left, I quickly get completely hard rubbing against Ms Cleo's beautiful pussy. That sweet pussy makes me feel a bit of awe, I admit -- just like She does. Her swollen pussy lips pout in expectant satiation. After a few more minutes of this Ms Cleo gets up and takes out some things from her night stand. She places something on the bed. It looks like two clear plastic tubes with a plunger on one end and a pointed tip on the other. I start to imagine where these might fit, what she might do to me with them. One of the tubes is clear, the other seems slightly brown in color.

"Remember earlier when I said that we wouldn't be needing my key anymore?"


"Well, what did you think I meant by that?"

"Well, I think it means that you are not going to keep me locked inside that cock cage anymore."

"Good, Joe. That's exactly what you should be thinking."

Ah, I am feeling relief already -- until She adds, "Yes, exactly what I wanted you to be thinking..."

I feel my wrists and ankles shudder a bit against their restraints, and I ask, kind of feebly, "What do you mean?"

"Well, Joe – let's be real here. Do you really think I am going to free My Cock from that cage?"

"Y-yes..." I stammer. "Well, Yes, of course –"

"Have you learned nothing from the last 12 months, Joe?" Her tone is sharp. "Let me ask you this: have you noticed me becoming nicer to you over this past year? Have I become ever more sweet and caring and loving?"

A trick question? While I fear the repercussions, I choose honesty, and reply. "Well, not exactly."

"Not exactly?! No, my pathetic, stupid little Joe of a husband. Listen: I am definitely not going to take that cage off of My Cock. In fact, just the opposite. Do you see these tubes here? This is how we make epoxy glue. I went to the hardware store yesterday, and I told them I wanted the strongest glue that can't be undone. When I mix what is in these two tubes together, we will have the strongest industrial grade epoxy that is manufactured. They said once applied it's impossible to remove. They told me it's reliable enough for NASA -- so it should be good enough for my Joe, eh? Know what I'm going to do with it?"


"Well, I'm going to fill the key hole of the lock on your cock cage with it, honey. What that means is that in just a few moments I'm going to put that cage back onto My Cock, but this time, I'm going to leave it there permanently. Yep - after I put the cage back on you, I'm going to fill the key hole of the lock with epoxy, and you will never be able to remove that cage, to be able to touch or even see My Cock again!"

I'm stunned. This was the last thing I was expecting. I begin crying.

Ms Cleo begins kissing my face tenderly.

"Oh, poor Joe. You see, it's just that I realize you have gotten way too much pleasure every month by rubbing My Cock against My Beautiful Pussy like I've let you do tonight. You did give it to me, remember, so it's not right that it's allowed to feel my pussy, even once a month for an hour. I'm sure you know that what I'm saying is true, Joe. You know I'm being reasonable. And now it's time for you to be reasonable, too. It's not fair for such a crooked old Cock -- even once a month – to be able to touch such a beautiful and perfect pussy as mine! No, Joe -- your pathetic excuse for a cock needs to be locked away for good. You should be grateful that we will hide away such an embarrassment for your ‘manhood!'

"So, you see," She says more softly now, "what I'm doing is only fair given the circumstances, my love."

Ms Cleo begins licking up my tears, and goes on until my whole face is covered in her saliva.

"Besides, I have to admit, it's kind of fun to increase your frustration. I mean, first I started to spank you, then to pinch and bite your moles – and you said you liked the attention. Then I started to chain you up, and you came home that one night all excited about "chastity." Then, when I asked you to try out various cock cages, you complied and said it made you feel "secure." When I started to forbid you to cum, even while I insisted that you fuck me, you actually tried to obey me, and you accepted my punishment when you weakly failed to control yourself. Joe, you eventually learned not to cum whenever I forbade it. And when I decided I was unwilling to trust you alone with it, and I locked you in that cock cage and kept the only key with me, like a good little Joe you obediently wore it.

"So now I'm just taking you to the next step, Honey. From now one you will never again experience the cock cage off, ever! It's just too delicious, don't you think? And Joe, think about this: it has been only a single year so far since I knew I needed to take Control of my little Joe. The longer I'm married to you, the more I realize I need to frustrate and deny you. You've gone along with it, you've liked it, you've encouraged me – so it's only natural that as time goes on I'm going to take away more and more from you. That just proves how much I love my little Joe! Just think of my control and domination as Love -- you'll feel so much comfort! Yes, every time I forbid you from gratification and pleasure, it's just my way of saying "I love you, darling!"

Ms Cleo begins to laugh mockingly.

"Or, you can finally accept the fact that I'm just an incredibly sexy woman who likes to excite you by controlling you! That the love I'm showing you with each new frustration is the selfishness you've found so "delightful!" And know, too, that I have come to love and depend on your pathetic submission to me. I know I need that -- that every new way of teasing and denying you fills me with a kind of girlish thrill to which, I confess, I've become hopelessly addicted. That watching you never resist me simply feeds my desire to debase and degrade you! That with every passing day of your continued sexual frustration by me you become more and more a pathetic excuse for a man, you become more and more my little Joe, a plaything who deserves everything I do to him!"

Ms Cleo smiles with cruel delight at what she is saying to me.

"So…since this is the last time you will see my cock unimprisoned in that cage for the rest of your life, I think it's only fair to make this a special occasion for you, don't you agree? Joe, you've already felt my pussy against your cock for the last time. But now I will treat you to one last blow job."

Ms Cleo gets on her knees and begins kissing what will apparently never again be my cock. Knowing that I am about to be locked up again, but this time for good, justs makes every physical sensation that much more intense. Ms Cleo begins slowly licking the underside of Her Cock. She kisses and licks along the entire length of the shaft. She moves down to the base of Her Cock with her lips and tongue. She begins gently kissing Her Balls.

"Poor little balls! So blue, so frustrated! Those balls had no idea what they were getting themselves in for when you offered them to me, did they? No, how could they, Joe? Poor little blue balls!" Ms Cleo continues kissing them for a moment.

She then increases the speed with which she is licking Her Cock. She works her way up the shaft to the tip. She begins sucking on the tip of the cock and then proceeds to take Her entire Cock into her mouth! She is both sucking on it and licking it. I am losing my mind from being so turned on. Those balls feel as if they are about to explode. My mind and my body's physical sensations take me back to what seems like almost forever ago. I crave the imminent release of orgasm more now than at any time in my life! Perhaps sensing this, after a few more moments Ms Cleo abruptly stops.

"There, that's that. That's all you get. It better last a lifetime, because it's going to have to!"

I am sobbing miserably and pathetically within my restraints, and Ms Cleo gets up, seeming now to tower over me. She goes to the night stand where she has amassed quite a collection of things. She walks back over to me, carrying a condom and a tube of some strong-smelling ointment.

"We have to get My Cock shrunk back down to put it back in that cock cage. But instead of doing it the easy way we always do it, with the ice pack, I thought since this is literally your last moment of penile freedom ever, why not make it extra memorable? Besides, there really is a limit to my cruelty, Honey – let me take the edge off your remaining lifetime of craving, by making your last memory of being uncaged something less than a wonderful fantasy sequence."

Ms Cleo opens the container and takes out the condom. She unrolls it and then opens what the tube of ointment. While She and her beauty mark smile at me in that way of theirs, She proceeds to pour a voluptuous amount of the ointment into the condom. She keeps squeezing and squeezing while I try to place the smell of it. Vague memories of stiff back and shoulder muscles after sweatily mowing our lawn and digging out gardens… Satisfied with what is now inside the condom, Ms Cleo re-caps the Ben-Gay and puts it down.

"Since you know what's coming – and what will never cum again (She and the beauty mark with that smile again) – you realize this is My strongest expression of Love for you yet, my little man. We both know from locking My Cock up these past many months that you cannot resist, nor, we know, would you even dare to."

"So now, little Joe, I want you to beg me to cement the keyhole of the lock to secure your cock cage forever. I want you to beg me for the privilege of being frustrated forever!"

I am speechless, of course.

"Go ahead now, beg, Joe!" Ms Cleo says with an air of pitying superiority.

And what comes from my pathetic lips has repeatedly astonished me in the countless moments I've had little else to do but to recall that most fateful of nights. "Please Ms Cleo, please seal the keyhole shut on the lock of this cock cage so that it can never again be taken off."

"But why should I even bother?" Ms. Cleo teases.

"Because this cock is too pathetic to deserve any pleasure ever again," I grovel. "Because I know it is not worthy of ever again being allowed next to your beautiful and perfect pussy!"

"Please, Ms Cleo," and I notice I truly am begging as I say it, "Please lock this Cock up forever. I don't deserve ever again have any pleasure with the Cock I have surrendered to you. Go ahead, seal me into this cage forever, I beg you, Ms Cleo!"

"Oh, alright, if that's what you really want! You're so pathetic, Joe -- begging to be locked forever in a cock cage! Alright, then, Joe, I'll begin the process now."

Ms Cleo bends over and places a final kiss on the tip of my fully erect penis. "Poor little penis, never to explode with pleasure, to be kissed or touched ever again! Oh well."

I am resigned to the restraints, and to my fate. Ms Cleo begins pulling the condom over Her Cock. Although it is stiff from the night's touches and attentions, it still slides easily into the unrolled, ointment-filled condom. Ms Cleo pulls it all the way on makes sure it is firmly in its place.

"There, this ought to be fun!" Ms Cleo says with cruel delight.

So now Ms Cleo begins kissing me hard on the mouth. Her tongue almost rapes my mouth with its urgency. For a moment I forget the Cock altogether, I catch glimpses of her beauty mark as She works her tongue around. Its beauty devastates me, and I just let myself enjoy the wet sensations in my mouth. But then, after about ten seconds I begin to feel the burning start, I remember the condom and its ointment. Help! It is as if the Cock is being held over an open flame. Soon the burning is excruciating. I begin moaning from the pain. Ms Cleo, apparently excited by my expression, accelerates the licking inside of my mouth with her tongue. After another ten seconds I fall over from the pain and am writhing on the bed, a mangled and whimpering heap entangled between restraints, helpless against the excruciating burning that is devouring the last of what once was my poor Cock.

"Oh, poor baby, Joe - that's gotta hurt!" Ms Cleo says with a laugh.

For maybe ten minutes I lie on the bed, squirming from the pain. Ms Cleo finally tires of watching me and pulls me up to flat on my back again.

"Oh look, no more erection! Looks like it's time for that Cock of mine to start serving its life sentence in solitary confinement!"

I look down at the Cock, and indeed it is flaccid. The Ben-Gay has done its job. Ms Cleo removes the torture condom and throws it out. She retrieves the damned Cock cage and, waving "Bye, bye," slowly and dramatically encages Her Cock for the last time, tailing Her voice away for added effect. The last sound I hear before I think I may pass out is the "click" of the padlock tighten the cage in its final act.

Now Ms Cleo gets up and goes over to the epoxy applicator. She takes a knife and cuts off the ends of the tips. She begins pushing down on the plunger so that the epoxy flows out into a little cup she has there. Ms Cleo picks up a little wooden stirrer and begins stirring up the epoxy until it is fully mixed up.

"There, that should do it. Now the instructions say that after the epoxy is fully mixed up you should put it immediately on the area to be treated. It will take 12 hours to fully set, so no shower for you tomorrow, just to make sure! Okay, here we go – Weeee!!"

Ms Cleo doles out a large glob of epoxy and, using the wooden stick, proceeds to smear it into the key-hole on the lock of the cock cage. After a minute she goes back to the cup for another load. She totally, thoroughly fills the key-hole with epoxy -- I notice how careful she seems to be in this task. She says "Voila!" aloud – the beauty mark on Her cheek dances so slightly and drives me crazy! Then she then takes the epoxy and the cup and stick to the wastebasket in the bathroom and returns with a smile on Her face.

She walks over to me and kisses me deeply on the lips.

"There, all done, Joe! And I am so horny! Time, finally, for my orgasm!"

Filled with the hypnotic effect of all of Ms Cleo's actions, I make what might sound like a strange request.

"Ms Cleo, now that you've locked me forever in this cage, can I do one thing before you start masturbating in front of me?"

"What is it?" Ms Cleo asks irritably.

"Could I please wet and lick Your perfect Pussy with my tongue?"

And She agrees.

But it's not quite the full victory just yet. Releasing my ankles from their restraints, Ms. Cleo directs me back to the floor, on my cuffed hands and my knees facing away from Her. She walks behind me. Once I am in the same position from which She had grabbed those Balls what seems like a whole different night ago, I am waiting for her to grab again. And now I notice my ankles cannot move again – what are they stuck on? She pushes me forward and pulls my head up and then waits a moment, keeping me off guard. Suddenly something warm and wet invades my asshole – Her asshole, I correct my thought -- I gave that away to Her as well – and for the next several minutes Ms. Cleo, from behind, tells me, "See? Don't worry, Joe… I didn't mean that your fucking days were completely over…"

Raped and sore and burning from behind, I notice my ankles are freed now. Ms Cleo walks away and gets on top of the bed and motions for me to lie on top of her. She begins rubbing her clit with her right index finger. She pushes me down so I can watch her masturbate. I move down so that my head is resting on her thigh. She continues rubbing herself. Her pussy lips are now flushed, swollen and engorged. The cock strains thick against its forever cage.

"Locking you up for good has just made me soooooo horny! I can't wait to cum! Ooops, that reminds me: tonight is your one year anniversary of not cumming, isn't that right, Joe? Gee, in all the excitement I guess I forgot! Tonight was supposed to be all about you, Joe, and here I've gone and made it into a night of fun for me instead. Oh, I really am so selfish sometimes."

Ms Cleo speeds up her rubbing so that I can see that she is just moments away from cumming. She begins sighing and then making those little girlish sounds she does whenever she starts to cum. Ms Cleo begins cumming, and soon lets out a little cry of excitement, of joy and contentment. She cums for what seems like such a long time. As she cums, her beautiful body buckles a bit, and her toes curl in the most sexy and girlish fashion. The she goes limp for a moment with her eyes gently closed. After another minute her eyes open up.

"That was delicious! What a deep orgasm that was! Ooooh, weee!!!"

Ms Cleo rolls over onto her stomach. She raises up her ass just a smidgen. She starts to talk in her little girl voice that she frequently uses after she has cum.

"Poor little husband! He will never feel Wife's pussy on my cock ever again! No, he won't ever even feel that Cock again without its cage! Are you mad at me, Joe, for filling in the keyhole with that nasty cement?"

"No, I understand," I mutter.

"Well then, go ahead and thank me by kissing my ass. Kiss my pretty little asshole. Show me how much you appreciate all I do for you!"

I begin tenderly kissing her puckered asshole. I shower it with kisses and then begin to gently lick it.

"Good! Little husband is soooooo understanding of Ms Cleo's needs! Little Joe is just so nice to let his big, strong wife have and do anything she wants to."

I have always been awestruck by the beauty of Her Ass, but now my worship of Ms Cleo's ass is even more passionate in the context of what she has just done to me. Knowing that she has permanently locked me into the cock cage has filled me with an almost self-destructive adoration of Ms Cleo's asshole.

"And now you never have to worry about when My Cock might let you feel your wife's sweet little pussy, because it doesn't get to, ever - period! I just made your life so much simpler! I'm so nice to you, Joe -- I hope you appreciate all the things I do for you! Do you?"

"Yes, I appreciate it."

"Good. Tell me how much you love that I just locked this cock cage on you forever."

And I respond, "I love that I can never again take off this cage. I love that I will never again feel your pussy against my cock."

"And you don't really mind being locked up forever, do you, Joe?"

And I can't believe I mean it with all my heart when I respond, "No, I don't mind, as long as it has made you happy."

"Good, Joe, because it does make me soooooo happy to have this done. My little man isn't mad at his wife, is he?"


"Because Ms. Cleo needs to control her husband and needs to treat him sooooooo badly! Ms. Cleo needs to love him more and more like this with each passing month!"

"Well, I'm sleepy," She sighs as She rolls over. "Time for sleep," She says again.

She places her hand gently on the cock cage and her warm, soft wrist touches my inner thigh.

"Bye, bye, Penis! We won't be seeing you any more! Poor little penis, locked up for life. And poor little Joe, too!"

She reaches up to where She can feel first one mole on my tummy, then a second, and a third. She pinches the biggest one hard, maintains Her squeeze and sighs, "Poor little Joe…What will his Beautiful Mistress Cleo think up next?"

Ms Cleo rolls over away from me and falls fast asleep. But I can't sleep for a while yet, thinking about her last words…
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