Imagining a better sheath

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Imagining a better sheath

Post by J Random reader »

Some of us have tried a cock sheath. What if Perfect Fit Brands made a sheath for us? Thin & durable. So we feel less. As little as possible. Ideally almost nothing.

Their fine products add girth. Not length. So they are different from other sheaths. & Even their Fat Boy Thin adds about half an inch. Which is great if she wants girth. My wife doesn't.

I imagine something with their SilaSkin on the outside. An outer layer. & an inner layer that compresses and grips. So it doesn't move against my skin.

Maybe this sacrifices durability. Sell them in a three pack. So what if one takes damage?

Would that work for you? Would you want to try it?
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Re: Imagining a better sheath

Post by art4bux »

I'd be more interested in something that was a cross between a sheath and a "bull bag" - start with bag inside out and attached to sheath, slide penis into tube, then invert bag over scrotum, pulling penis between balls and pointing it to rear... Make any sense ?

Not sure it's feasible, but would love to try.

IME. silicone "chastity cages" are pretty close to useless, this might be an exception.
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Re: Imagining a better sheath

Post by Sparkster »

This sounds like what you just described.
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