I need device help with a specific set of problems

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I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by Nikki6 »

I'd like to be able to lock J up more often and for longer, but his anatomy is a challenge with most of the devices we've tried. I even considered getting him pierced, but that's a bridge too far for me in terms of potential problems (it is not OK if he has to sit to pee) and it might not work anyway (some men with PAs seem to still find a tube device doesn't work for them). Ultimately, it's just too much for what is in the end a kink.

OK, so here is the problem specifically and what I think I want.
1) J has one small and one large testicle. The large one is so large that a solid 45mm ring is the absolute smallest he can get it through.
2) His scrotum rides high (I guess) and if he gets cold in a 45mm ring then it will pull the small testicle through. He's gone down to the smallest gap he can possibly get assembled, and it doesn't matter. With a 45mm ring, his involuntary muscle is going to pull that nut through there no matter what (and he says when it does, it hurts like hell).
3) Messing around with a velcro strap, it seems to me like a 40mm ring would work. But he can't possibly get into a solid 40mm ring.

So.....I need a good quality cage with a split / hinged 40mm ring. The Bon4M looks perfect except the detail/finish is meh and they are super heavy (half a pound of steel!). Does anyone know of a device that works like the Bon4 but that is lighter (and preferably, better made). I'm not even really picky about material, but I don't think he'll be comfortable with a half pound of steel hanging from him and the whole point of what I want is comfort so I can leave him in it long term.
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Re: I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by TwistedMister »

Nikki6 wrote: Sun Feb 05, 2023 11:22 am ...it will pull the small testicle through...and he says when it does, it hurts like hell.
Can confirm, had it happen once when lifting something heavy from a squat. I think I went cross-eyed for a few seconds.

I think that I have seen some devices on dhgate, that have some hinged rings that look decently made. You'll have to do a bit of searching. I'm currently not keen on buying stuff from China, but sometimes there aren't any other choices.
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Re: I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by slave d »

Have to say that the ring size has absolutely nothing to do with testicles pulling out. It is totally a gap issue, the gap between the ring and the cage. If you think about it the testicle doesn’t pull through the ring at all !! it pulls past the gap between the ring and the cage. Ring size only controls the security of the whole device and even with the loosest ring testicles cannot pull through if the gap is right. For some reason many people don’t seem to get this but look at the device and you’ll see I’m correct !!

I have a similar problem with a testicle pulling out and need a max of a 5mm gap to solve that BUT I’m then having trouble with pinching and sores on my scrotum if it’s not exactly right. I’m currently in a new HT v5 nub BUT I’ve had to modify that to get everything spot on.

Anyway, I wish you luck on the journey but it will be tricky to find the perfect device.

MsM’s ld
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Re: I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by Fastredcar »

I have the exact same problem. One advantage of rings made of bioresin like the Holy Trainer is that you can heat the ring in very hot water and reshape it to better fit. I'm still trying to get it right.
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Re: I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by Steve2059 »

I'm having this problem right now. Ball slips in - ball slips out. It's particularly a cold weather thing for me.
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Re: I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by CagedKC »

I have one testicle significantly larger than the other. I think most guys do.

After moving from cheap on line cages to my first custom fit, MM Jailbird with oval base ring, I had a ball squeeze through during a meeting at work. It was the most painful thing ever and seemed to take forever to pop out.

I contacted Mistress MM for help. She moved me to a round, triple base ring, reduced the gap and shortened the cage. It's coming up on 5 yrs now and never had a ball pop out again.

My sack is high and tight if I'm out of cage long. Gotta take a hot shower sometime and put it on in the shower. He is going to have to use some force to get balls thru one at a time and the his flaccid cock.

I really think the triple base ring is the secret. It stretches out the sack and the balls can't ooze around it like a single ring.
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Re: I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by mikel2411 »

Hi Nikki6
I have the same issue, recently got a V4 love the different ring shapes, but the almost D shaped rings allow me to slip out unless i use the smallest ring, which was surprisingly comfortable but difficult to get into.
I have two devices from badass workroom that i now wear exclusively one has a double 8mm (each ring) curved ring and other has triple 8mm curved ring, both 45 mm with 10mm gap. I agree the gap size plays into it but in my case its a combination of gap and ring size and shape of ring.
I like the heft of the stainless, triple ring, extra close bars on cage with added bars on head - is very heavy, I am forced to wear tighter underwear for support.
they make most of their units available in titanium and from what i have heard from another member with same unit as mine in titanium it was incredibly light.
badass workroom offers truly custom units made to measure offering extra rings with unit purchase for discounted price and even then they are still three times less expensive than any other custom built units i looked into.
they have " plastic test units" you can have built relatively cheap as well that might be a good option to do a test with a preferred unit instead of buying multiple ones.
ball slip sucks but I have been wearing my BA units for 2 years last year solid with no issues at all.
Good luck
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Re: I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by addadayplease »

I always thought my left (your right) testicle was small due to
1. having it as an undescended testicle at birth. (My mother is dead now, so I can't ask her which one it was back when I was born. I always assumed it was that one. Was I 1% intersex at birth? I wonder.
2. having a hernia repair operation in my first year of life.

I've gone on to 10 years of pre-marriage masturbation (from age 14-23) and now 39 yrs, 8 months of marvelous marriage mayhem with my Queen, and we've conceived the two children we desired...so sperm count was not an issue.

In those remarriage years, I found things around my home of origin to wrap around my cock and balls. I do like having them restricted...and then played with quite vigorously.

I've known it is common for a man to have one larger than the other...but I always thought I was abnormal. It is nice to know from some of the above comments that I am normal. Phew.

The "lucky testicle" as I call it now, is more tender than the other one during semi-vigorous play times, but they both seem to stay in place with a 2" or 50 mm ring cage, (assuming I don't force them towards the ring too much.)

There was that one time I was laying on the ground, stood up, and the cage slid down my pant leg and clanked on the floor. Wife saw it and questioned what happened. Mother-in-law was unaware, as I scooped it up quickly and head for the bedroom.

It seems we are all still marooned in the search for the perfect cage.
We all have a testicle history.
Thanks for reading mine.
Good luck with yours.
I do hope you can find a chastity cage that works for you.
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Re: I need device help with a specific set of problems

Post by Nikki6 »

I’ll be back in a bit to give an update, but I did get a smaller hinged ring and it’s already looking really good. I locked J up with it and his existing cage, which he said is much more comfortable. But it has no anti-rotation so I need the other piece I ordered before I can lock him up whenever I want, for as long as I want.
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