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Tumblr story about wife getting a happy ending massage.

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 5:30 pm
by lockedbyles
Good Afternoon,

Does anyone here remember a story on Tumblr by a keyholder wife who went to a massage parlor and ended up getting a "happy ending" massage? I was looking for it to share with my wife, but I can't find it anymore, and Tumblr has their search stuff locked down with censorship that it's impossible to search.

My recollection was that this was an allegedly true story told by one of the few seemingly genuine chastity couples (eg. they seemed to be a real couple in a real relationship that involved chastity and not just another blog posting fantasies that were more than likely just contrivances).

My wife was sharing her interest in this particular scenario and I wanted to find and share that story with her if it's still out there to be found.