Key lock problems

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Re: Key lock problems

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sirmebane wrote: Fri Jun 17, 2022 2:49 pm I had a Master lock (not the one described here for sure) seize up on me when my wife wanted me out for some fun. She freaked out more than I did and it took some over-use of WD-40 and two pair of channel locks to coax it to open up with the key.

I no longer use Master locks brand and I am careful to give it a little oil now and then. They weren't make to live in the damp we expose them to so use brass whenever possible.
That's odd. At least one of the Master locks I use is about 20 years old, they have never given me a single bit of trouble, even after 18 months of continuous use at a time.
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Re: Key lock problems

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Hoss..I used the same technique as you describe, using a 6 mm aluminum rod, about 3 inches long. Threaded/JB welded a nut on one end, and drilled 2 holes in the other end, to accommodate 1 or 2 quality padlocks, or the plastic security tags. If you are concerned about the need to remove the cage in an emergency, just cut/file about 3/4 of the way through the rod, between the point where the rod exits the cage and the first locking hole on the rod. That way you can break the rod off in an emergency, and avoid ruining the cage, and eliminate the need to have an emergency key handy. Also, drilling the cage for use of a rod, will probably not affect use of the internal lock, should you wish to continue using it.
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