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In days past when my wife was tired, not in the mood or simply feeling generous she would offer sex that was one-sided meaning that she would tend to my sexual release without anything for herself.

Slowly over the time we have practiced chastity she has been lifted of that burden and knows that she can bring me plenty of happiness just saying no or letting me go down on her. There are still times when she might unlock me for an orgasm without any desires for her own pleasure but they are less frequent now.

Last night I felt a switch flip like a flash bulb going off. I was offering my services for sex throughout the day since we had the house to ourselves for the first time in weeks.

Me: "We could have wild screaming sex during daylight hours, you know?"

Her: "While that would be fun, it has only been a week since I let you out and it isn't time yet."

Me "I'd be okay with being unlocked to tend to your needs."

Her: "If I decide to do anything it would be one-sided. You've only been locked a week." She repeated again for emphasis.


Never in our sexual history has she been so selfish to just outright proclaim the only one having sex tonight is going to be her. She is finally comfortable with using that phrase in her direction.
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