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Re: I started wearing my metal cage today

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SteveOD wrote: Sun Apr 10, 2022 8:10 pm If it is one of those inexpensive metal cages sold on the internet, they are too heavy and not so good. I had a few but the best two cages I work after 11 years of being locked up were a custom made Jailbird by Mature Mental and a resin one from Holy Trainer. Both extremely comfortable and long lasting. I tried the inexpensive metal cages and never wore them longer than a few weeks.

After all this time I know that the cage means noting. You can cum in any of them. Just watch Chastity porn to see all the ways you can jerk of in a cage with no trouble. learning this I now go for comfort which mans lightweight and easy to get on and take off. The Vice has too many pieces but is popular because guys with no real chastity experience think the tit will someone magically stop them from having an orgasm if they want one. Simply use a song swab like they do in surgery and sold on Amazon by the hundreds. Sick it in an opening and you will cum fast. Or hold a vibrator against your cage and you will cum fast too. So why do we wear cages? They are symbols of our promise to or key holders and maybe a speed bump to give you time to think about what you are about to do.

Think about it. Why would I want to not orgasm for an online key holder when I can so easily cum anytime I want to even when locked. I got friendly with an online key holder when she was just a forum member on a now defunct forum. She says most guys quit after 3 weeks once the novelty of being locked up wears off. Since they can cum anything them want to, they soon realize why should they refrain from cumming for a stranger who is charging me. They are right. About 90% quit chastity in a few weeks. Most chastity cages end up in drawers, It is difficult to maintain a chastity lifestyle not because you are locked and cannot cum, but rather you know you can cum so it is up to you to not do so and that is difficult for most of us.
I suppose how or why one “does” chastity is all the reason they need. My $31.00 Chinese ss device is all I need right now. Fits good, no pinching, does what I want it to do. Prevent erections. The why is cloudy at times as there is no KH. No accountability, except me, wanting to be ready when she is , about once or twice a month. I will stay kept for her.
I learned recently that she will NOT grant me release with cage on.
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