Lock failure - BCWYWF!

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Lock failure - BCWYWF!

Post by focUSed »

Came home from work last night and was thinking about a run, so, according to the rules, went to remove the device and came across this:
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It seems the cover for the pins had either come off or been eroded (have been wearing this particular device for over a year (Jul 18) off and on, mostly on) and had noticed that the locks didn't appear especially robust, but figured they were good for awhile.

After an 'oh [expletive]!' moment, I managed to get the key to 'rotate left' (as she says) to allow the lock to be removed vs destroyed. I tried twisting it enough to turn it upside down and was able to dump out two of the upper pins but the lowers didn't want to release. I had to push on the 4 locations with a straight pin while putting pressure against the rotation with the key to get it to release. Once it was out, returning it to the locked position resulted in the same 'won't rotate left' situation again. I don't know if there were springs under the top covering but suspect there were as I couldn't feel the pins ride on the key ridges as it was inserted or removed.

Needless to say I have switched to the lock that came with the second device, and of course there are spare locks and keys readily available via ordering on several sites, but we're probably looking at going with something like the MM Jailbird if the trend continues with this locking style. I'm just not sure if I'll like the single pin lock vs this device that has two side alignment pins and the multiple mesh points of the barrel lock. And there's also the money factor, should we not like it or it doesn't fit (I think I've got the measurements down after wearing the DHGate device for this long though).

Was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.
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Re: Lock failure - BCWYWF!

Post by wishful4 »

I haven't had my DHGate A271 in any situation that would encourage corrosion other than showering. I also have an extra locking mechanism in case of a failure, but have not experienced one yet. Don't know how they would hold up to swimming in saltwater. I really like my device, but agree the locking mechanism is a weak point.
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Re: Lock failure - BCWYWF!

Post by Steve2059 »

AS Tom says when he mentions that chastity is more in the head than the truly inescapable, we're not perhaps as secure as we imagine.

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Re: Lock failure - BCWYWF!

Post by Dan4201 »

You can buy a Burg Wachter ME/2 lock on Amazon for $25. The maker of the Cherry Keeper devices recommends it as a replacement for the cheap locks and it does look sturdier. As an added bonus, it’s keyed differently than the Chinese devices which, in my experience, are all keyed the same.
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Re: Lock failure - BCWYWF!

Post by Tom Allen »

As an added bonus, it’s keyed differently than the Chinese devices which, in my experience, are all keyed the same.
After having several cheap locks fall apart on me, I ordered what looked to be a better quality lock on ALiExpress or DHGate. In fact, I ordered 4. When they came in, they were all keyed alike. However, that actually worked out fine. Mrs Edge has her key, theat she never knows where she left it (not that she uses it), I have an emergency key on my daily key ring, and there's one in the bathroom, so I can remove the device before a bike ride, or for monthly shaving or hygiene.

I know, it doesn't sound like having all those keys around is very "secure," but we're veteran chastity users, so my temptation to cheat is virtually non-existent.
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