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[RequestDenied] Locked for Safe Keeping

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 5:55 pm
by RequestDenied
I've been interested in denial for a number of years, which has led to an interest in chastity. I've bought a number of chastity devices, including a stallion guard, a CB3000, a Bird Cage, three stainless steel tubes, and a resin tube. All of them have been clones. In the past, I've used the stainless steel devices during the day and removed them at night, on and off. Just over two weeks ago, I started wearing the resin device 24/7.

I enjoy wearing the device because it reminds me that I'm still getting erections, and it keeps them tightly contained.

I have a Cherry Keeper arriving tomorrow. It's a centimeter shorter than the resin tube and has the headlock. Following the advice I got here, I got it printed with the PA12 resin. So, I'm hoping it will be more restrictive than the resin tube.