[krikke82] weight loss

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[krikke82] weight loss

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I ordered a penis cage because I read that wearing such a cage could motivate a man to lose weight.
I had already tried a cage in the past, but they were never right. Now I had an idea which sizes I should have and ordered a suitable cage. The cage arrived on Thursday and I put it on right away.
The rule I drew up was quite simple. I was allowed a maximum of 1 day off for every 5 kg of weight loss. If I’m still single at that time, that day must be taken within a few days of being determined. Otherwise I lose that right. If I'm in a relationship at that moment, the partner can determine that when that moment is there. Maybe she doesn't feel like having sex at the moment or there is some other reason. Hence it can be moved. If I don't take advantage of that moment she chose, I'm out of luck too.

The first day I noticed that I woke up regularly during the night. Not a painful feeling but just woke up. Sometimes with the feeling that he wanted to grow but couldn't. I was advised at a chat box to go for a short walk. At night it’s cooler and then it can shrink a bit. I did that, went to the toilet for a while and then went back to sleep. I did take a few steps before breakfast. There were quickly 10,000 steps on the counter. I only noticed that during the day I couldn't be really focused and I was also sleepy. Not really a good start to the day.
The second day this repeated itself. I have to be able to concentrate during the day but this became an impossible task that way. Saturday morning I decided to take it off for a while and go back to sleep so that I could hopefully have some concentration again in the afternoon. So this was disappointing. Been sleepy all afternoon.
I had therefore left the cage off during the night to be able to recuperate. This seemed to have worked this morning.

That's why I decided to only wear the cage during the day from when I get up until I go to sleep. There is a difference to me between something desirable as weight punishment and something tolerable/feasible. The rules of course remain the same and that is that I’m not allowed to cum.

The comment I have already read about this is that I have to keep this up for at least a week and that the body adapts to it. They indicated that it is usually not completely done, but it does improve. I can actually follow that reasoning. What I also sometimes heard, due to frequent locking, that the penis then shrinks. Not everyone follows this line of reasoning, but several do. That's why I'm more in favor of letting him loose at night.
The comments about keeping him locked up day and night are usually given by people who want to be locked up permanently, don't want children anymore and don't want to have sex anymore (or their partner doesn't want this anymore). I want to keep both the desire to have children and sex as options open. A shrinking penis is then not really an option.
I want to continue to see wearing the cage as a punishment and not so much as a new piece of clothing.
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Re: [krikke82] weight loss

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This is an old post, but since I'm in the same situation I'll post a reply!

I'm also using my Cherry Keeper cage as a motivation to lose weight. Basically, I weigh myself every morning. At the end of the week, if my average weight from that week is less than my average week from the week before, my KH will tie me to our bed, remove the cage, inspect my junk, give me a handjob, then lock everything back up. Depending on her mood, she might untie me, or she might just leave me to try to escape!

The rules are:

1. KH holds the key at all times.
2. No asking for PIV until I lose at least 100lbs (yes, I'm THAT overweight).
3. This happens once a week on Sunday night. I have to be locked at all other times.
4. No skipping meals.
5. I have to weigh myself EVERY morning.

Any Infraction on the rules results in an immediate forfeit of that week's challenge.

This has had a double benefit. First, I'm losing weight!!! Second, my wife has become an eager (and very strict) KH! She was reluctant at best before this.
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