[Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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A few months back I designed a voucher for a meal of C's choice, and put six blank boxes in it, with a condition that all boxes should be ticked before it could be used.
Each time I was made to eat her, she could tick a box.
I put it to one side, not a chance she would go for it but it was a fun idea, and then I forgot about it.
C was in my office today chatting on her phone and passed it to me to chat. Whilst waiting for the return of her phone C did what women do and examined my office, desk, shelves ect. Then spotted the voucher and picked it up.
I finished the call and C asked "what is this? "
" An idea I had, decided not to bother, didn't think you'd go for it."

" Yes I will, I can get two of these boxes ticked this weekend, and then.. At least Wednesday when we come home and maybe Friday". Then off she went, ticket in hand.
I was a bit stunned to be honest? It isn't like C can't get what she wants anyway, maybe it's just the idea of having a voucher which is a bit more physical?

So first thing in the morning (my orgasm day. Finally. ), C sent me down to sort her out instead, had a nice orgasm, recovered and promptly presented me with the voucher and pen to tick a box.

"Great! I'll suck you off now and feed it to you, I did say I would"

"Yes you did, thank you"

Now I get to have a proper orgasm at last.

C sucked and stroked me, letting me know I would be made to swallow it. I started to cum and C just stopped moving, hands pinning my hips down, so my orgasm stalled, but the cum still came out into C's mouth and was quickly dumped into my mouth.
I didn't need to recover, it was yet another stalled/ruined one.

"I really thought I would have a proper orgasm that time"

"Yeah I bet you would. Can't beat those huge, mind blowing orgasms" .

"I'm sure you said I could have one?"

"I said I prefer you not to have them, you're better behaved, so why would I want to? giving you a big one is like shooting myself in the foot. You get lots of little ones like I said" followed by the smile and a kiss. C looked excited and giddy. Her breasts jiggle and bouce when she is excites like this. Very pleased with herself.

"You actually meant that? I assumed it was just dirty talk"

"Well you know what 'assume' did don't you"

"But I'm still just as horny, and to be honest, quite disappointed"

"you wouldn't be disappointed if you had listened instead of assuming silly. See, I was thinking of you the whole time"

C gave a giggle and gave a smile that melted my heart.

"Yes baby, I suppose you're right"

"Good. Lock up, enjoy being horny and having lots of teases".

"Yep. That works for me. Would you like me to make breakfast my queen"

"Yes indeed. Get to it my sex slave"

So horny, teasing continues while C is making plans to tick her boxes.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Normally I'm let out once in the week, often twice, and then at weekends.
Last weekend we were away, so I was let out Friday to eat C's pussy before she sucked me to a ruined orgasm and fed it to me.

By Sunday I was overly frustrated and became slightly argumentative.
C nipped this in the bud of course by canceling treats every time I opened my mouth. "That's a day gone, and another, oh dear there's another, would you like to try for the week? And there it is, your grounded for a week. Are you still talking? No pussy access later.

I shut the fuck up.
This is so not fucking fair. And this is where C's powers really lie.

So. I'm locked without parol for a week and a day from Friday at least, and will be denied access to C's pussy until Wednesday.

Why the fuck did I open my mouth to begin with?

I had to work double time and make up for this. I was desperate already, this is the last thing I could cope with.

By Tuesday morning I had done enough, and spoiled C enough to give her reason to reconsider.
She said "You're not getting away with it. I won't give in, you stay locked. So you can have supervised use of my vibe to try to relive a bit.
It took a couple of minutes before I built pressure and pulled the vibe away, then a small amount of cum flowed out the end of the tube.
The upside of having the urethral tube is I get there fast with a vibe (C makes sure these stay locked away now).
The down side of having a tube is the lack of feeling. I didnt even get to enjoy the feeling of the cum passing through my dick, nothing at all. But the release of preasure was good and would help me through the week.

C caught the blob and made me eat it, because it meant she got a tick on her meal voucher.
The voucher said "make me eat it", I had meant her pussy, but C translated it to mean both.

C then happily informed me "this is the real reason I allowed you to blob, I should have a few more ticks this week"

I was sent down to sort C out. C was actually annoyed at me for having made her go without for so long (five days) . She had me toy fuck her until she was raw. Her pussy was gaping, red and had a metallic tang it was so worn out.
C had her orgasm and said " gosh. I'll hardly be able to walk for a while, you certainly won't be using it anytime soon. Now, apologise for making me lose my orgasms, thank me for letting you eat it and then go and make breakfast" .

I apologised, thanked C for her kindness and made breakfast.

C then had me tick a box on her meal voucher and said she hoped to get a few more ticks this week one way or another.

I haven't put my cock in C's pussy since before we went to York, I've had one proper orgasm in the last six weeks and I've been locked in a cage with a steel tube up my dick pretty much the whole time.

C keeps flashing her tits at me and making me very aware that I'll be staying locked for now and coming a whole lot less in the future.

Is this what I asked for?
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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I must have been good. C offered to let me spend some points and be edged, I had four minutes worth.
Got hard instantly but I was a bit worried about the length of my member, It was seriously short.
"Aren't you concerned that it's this small now?"
"Not really. We don't use it anymore. I have artificial alternatives"

So C oiled it up and began to stroke. It was seconds before I had to ask her to stop.

"Aww. Poor baby is so sensitive, I suppose I could let a little bit out if you like.. Onto my breasts maybe?"

"God yes, can I? "

"If you ask nicely. "

"Please can I put a little cum on you breasts"

"Yes of course, then you have to clean it up and tick a voucher box"

I got there in a few seconds, near the edge, not all that close, but out it came anyway.

C spread it all round her nipples and then in her cleavage, then offered them up to me.

"Lick them clean and I'll stroke it some more."

I cleaned them easily. Still being desperately horny helped.

"ooh, that was quite nice, I'll do it to you again"

This time I went a little over the edge, had a few contractions.

"So if I make you eat it again I get two boxes ticked"

"No C, eating is eating. It's one tick. This wasn't suposed to qualify anyway. "

"But it does now. Ah well, I'm making you clean them anyway"

"Really? Can't I just wipe them this time"

I was reluctant so C helped me by pulling my head down at the same time as squeezing my balls much harder than needed.

"lick it all up and you can keep the cage off until after your morning erection"

I did as instructed of course, and I looked forward to a proper morning wood, the first in a long time.

C looked magnificent sat with her beautiful breasts on show with bits of dried cum on them.

I lay with a hard on whilst waiting to sleep, and woke up hard. Thankfully it was much longer now.

C reached over, grabbed it "Wow, that's so much bigger now"

"It's an impressive thing indeed." I agreed. "you couldn't resist this once. Don't you want to.."

"Nope. Get that cage back on"

How. Is she not missing this?

Friday we watched TV while C played with my balls.

Saturday. Usually my day. We woke and C told me "If you get down there now, we'll just have time for an orgasm"

Down I went. C had our orgasm.

"Oh that was nice. You can put another tick on my voucher before you get dressed".

No point in asking for anything myself, that was quite clear.
So horny, hard and precum dripping from my tube, I got up and was cupping my balls whilst crossing the room.

"You don't hold those, I do that. Back here" .

C Crushed my balls, I was doubling over "who owns these?"

"Ow Ow. You do, you own them"

"Tell me who's slave you are"

"Yours, oh fuck ouch ahhh! , I'm your slave, yours" .

" OK well done, you're dismissed".

Unlikely anything else will happen today, C has had what she needed.

This time last year C was edging me three or four times a week, and I came properly weekly on average.
So I'm a bit miffed to be honest at only being allowed out once in the week, and my 'orgasm day' seems to have been abolished?

I realise C is loving this, and that is the point. But I'm not sure this is something I'd be happy with long term.

I still have a few points left, so if C doesn't offer to let me out I'll try to cash them in tomorrow.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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After making coffee and breakfast It dawned on me that C had no intention of letting me out. I found this quite worrying, she always thinks of sorting me out at weekends?
I didn't say anything, it is after all up to C.
So I did the next best thing. Got out of bed, rallied the kids, made them breakfast, sorted the kitchen out and returned with fresh coffee.
C drank her coffee, I checked on windfarm investments while secretly hoping.
"Thank you for coffee, and for dealing with the kids. I think I should treat you to something.
My heart lept.
" Pass me your phone, I will give you two good boy points"
My heart dropped, but points is better than no points.
"OK, C ill hang here while I check this investment out, it should pay for our electric for 25 years, money back in ten to fifteen"
"Knock yourself out, that meant nothing to me?"
"It will. It's another step towards a comfy, worry free retirement"
C then paused at the door, came back and asked "Would you like a little oily stroke?"
"Absolutely 1000% Yes please"

C started stroking and I said stop almost immediately.

"Ha! That was so fast? "

Maybe she didn't realise she wasn't letting out, or I hadn't had an orgasm?
"Sorry C, it only came out once last week and I haven't had an orgasm, so I'm really horny and it's sensitive"

"I let it out on Thursday, and let you blob out quite a bit. And I let you eat my pussy yesterday. are you complaining?"

"No of course not, and that was amazing. But the blobs aren't actually orgasms, it's more like relieving the preasure. A couple of days and they're full again and I'm even more horny"

"As far as I'm concerned coming is coming, you're just trying to make it complicated, or you're being greedy"

"Sorry C, I hadn't meant to come across that way, I'm very lucky"

"Yes you are. Remember that."

"I will"

"I'll let you blob more out. To ease the preasure"

I had to stop C every few seconds whilst she stroked and uttered dirty scenarios. I also added a few in hope she was listening.

"I'd love to put it inside you, my cock sliding into your pussy"

It hasn't been in for quite a while, I miss the feeling of being on top, looking into C's eyes when she has an orgasm. Come to think of it, this hasn't happened since who knows when? Usually I look up from between C's legs as she grasps hers breasts and arches her back while coming for Britain.

So, yes. I thought I'd try to plant the idea.

C just ignored it and talked of keeping me desperate, locked and sending me down to toy fuck her. Which obviously took me to milking stage. "Stop"

C milked three lots of cum out and patted my erection before saying "well that's plenty, should keep you tame for a while. Lock it back up ASAP. I'll be making use of you again soon"

C wiped the cum up gently, I was glad at not being made to eat it, I was so sensitive I nearly blew my load just from the gentle clean up.

I was relieved, but still no idea what is going on in Cs head.
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Me. "I only got 30 seconds, that's not fair". C. "life's not fair, suck it up" :(
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C was going to send me down but was too tired.
"I'll wait until tomorrow morning to send you down there"

So I tried it on. "Can't. Tomorrow is my day"

C must be very tired because she replied "Alright. Its your day then, maybe I can share it. "

Wow. That was easy? Not at all like C?

Then I thought maybe I could push it a bit further "Hmmm C, can I get my two points for the chores I did yesterday?"


This took me to eight. Wow.

"you know if I get to ten points I get a blow job yes?"

"OK sure, I think I need to sleep now, that booster has knocked me out"

So that would be the reason, the booster shot C had yesterday, of course.

Well if I'm getting away with it I'm staying quiet.

I went to work very happy. C sent me a random message [Xxx ❤️ from key holder 🗝️ xxx]

I thought "wow. We must be making steps if C is addressing herself as 'key holder'.

So nothing Sexual to add, but I'm adding this as an entry of significance.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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It worked.
C woke up and after coffee handed me the key and said "So It's your day today. What would you like to do?"

I didn't allow pause for thought "lick you, fuck you, come in you"

"That sounds reasonable, go for it"

I did, and in that order, spurred on by C's moans and teasing words.

My cock must have very gentle skin now, I was sore when I finished even though C was wet and I didn't last long?
I had a proper, real orgasm and it totally wiped me out.

"You have to clean up now"

"Seriously, I can't move"

"But I want my tick for making you eat it"

"Sorry C I really am wiped out"

"Then give me a tick anyway, because you should have"

"I can't, that was absolutely not the deal"

"Fuck you. I want a tick. Give me one or I sit in your face"

At that moment C jumped up onto the bed ready face squat me.
I recoiled at the sight of the asteroid size cum blob oozing from her gaping lips.

"Well that's not a very nice way to react to my pussy, I'm quite insulted"

At which point the lump of cum came splattering down on me, I was just staring at it.

C grabbed a wipe and ran it over her lips and said "there's lots more. This is you last chance to play nice"
C's pussy lowered itself onto my mouth, I licked slowly until C said "OK, enough, tick please, cage on"

"It's quite sore"

"Ooh yes, friction burn. Cos you hardly ever use it these days ha ha. Leave it off for now , lock it later"

During the day C was aware I wasn't locked so she jumped on every thing I did or didn't do and blamed it on my not being caged.

The orgasm was incredible, it's taken all my energy and I feel like I could sleep for a week. I still feel horny and keep I'm getting semi hard. Caged again after a few hours.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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You are among the luckiest of all men.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Very horny still. Morning wood has been a tripple event each morning, quite incredible.

I said to C "I'm really horny at the moment, Like constantly hard"

"Oh good, that means you'll eat me really well if if send you down and keep you locked, I've not had any for ages"


She had. Lots, but why argue?

"It stays locked, down you go"

"ooh, I'm still a bit sore from last time"

Maybe an indication that it hasn't been ages?

C came hard and then sent me off to make breakfast for everyone.

Sunday morning.
After making breakfast C told me we had a busy day and she would be sending me down again tomorrow.
I was allowed to stroke her breasts while she was on her phone.
I've worked out if I do enough, C might offer me an edge. But if I ask I won't get one.
So I did all I could. It worked, C asked if I would like her to milk me a bit with an oily stroke.

Oh yes.

Monday became too complicated to sort C out, and by the evening she was like a coiled spring, angry and jumping on everything I did or said.
Tuesday morning C was still in a foul angry mood, I lost points for no reason. Then she slammed drawers around, threw a towel on the bed and said said "Right! Get down there now and make me come"

"Harder, fuck it harder, lick more, deeper, more, fuck it.. Fuck it!"

C came hard, looked at me and said "What!. That's it. Go make breakfast"
Angry sex with a dildo? Yes indeed.

C calmed down quickly afterwards, but was grumpy again soon after.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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Wednesday I was sent down to sort C out, she needed de-stressing.
Saturday I was sent to do the same again.

Sunday I was at the end of my tether so C relented. I was given a ruined suck, so came a bit and was fed it. Still hard so C dedides to sit on it for a while with her vibe.

I remained unlocked as it was no kink day tomorrow.

Monday Queen Elizabeth's funeral.
A country in mourning is a sad place indeed. Our mother and rock for the last 70 years has passed away. She has been there for so long no one could perceive it could happen.
We spent the entire day alongside millions, tearful, watching the funeral processions and the late Queen Elizabeth, head of state, Commonwealth, protector of faith, tradition, Ambassador and so many other things for each and every one of us, being laid to rest.
God bless her.
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Re: [Mr Pickle] one step forwards, two steps back

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C woke with a busy head and decided I could help with this. I had a job planned but there was no particular rush.
C got up, locked the door and said "You have work to do. I'm making use of you before you go."
with that C stripped, lay down and said "Down you go. Sort me out"
This I did obviously. C came hard and afterwards I knelt in front of her with a perfectly grown hard on pointing at her hole.

C looked shocked.

"You've been out since Sunday?"

"You didnt check, didn't think you'd mind?"

"And what exactly do you think your going to do with that"

"pop it in there, maybe you'll remember how much you like it?"

"Oh, so for my benefit haha. Condom, put two on. You're not allowed to come"

"But you can come?'

"Oh, I already have. Come on then, let's see what you can do with your 'marvellous appendage' "

C dirty talked and moaned so much I nearly got there despite not being able to feel a thing. I was so incredibly hard.

"That's enough. Get off and get that cage back on"

I caged up eventually and asked
"Just out of interest, if I'd been locked what did you have planned for me?"

"Nothing at all. Its all about me remember."

"This left me even worse off horny wise" .

Friday morning I sent C an awful poem/ryme (I post these in fiction section) and a cartoon pic begging to let me cum.

C answered "No"

Then later on that she would let some out tonight.

Some. Is an understatement. She meant all, in bits, no orgasm.

C didn't use enough oil so I was starting to feel it both ways.
"C, cuming with no semen is starting to burn my tubes, and the friction is getting quite bad too"

"ooh, it's getting very lumpy now. One more"

One turned into a horrible three or four more. The last few belching out a bit of rice pudding or nothing at all.

"All gone. Lock up" .

Cock was red, sore, tubes on fire, friction burnt when C had finished with it.
I stuck the urethral back into the end of cock (I would say C's cock, but she has little use for it) and eased cock into its cage.

"That was kind of brutal. It feels raw and a bit itchy. My. Tubes are on fire".

"Great! I expect it'll be while before you'll want it touching again. And you're not being a sex pest now. So worth the suffering I think"

"I can't disagree"

C has said she will need sorting out again in the morning. And she might even play with it again.
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