The Teaser, San Quentin Chastity Cage

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The Teaser, San Quentin Chastity Cage

Postby luckylocked » Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:55 pm

Just received the San Quentin/The Teaser cage yesterday so in the interests of sharing thought I would post its progress. I have had a CB6000, and then a 6000s, which I kept splitting. We are definitely going to get a MM Jailbird, but we needed something right now as I was getting really sick of split cages and we have agreed on a long term lock up of 100 days and there are still 56 to go, so Mrs K encouraged me to get this as a stop gap as well as a way to more accurately measure for the jailbird.

I am unlucky enough to have one testicle that is half the size of the other so sizing is a big problem. There is no way the 'little guy' will stay in front of the ring so bear that in mind.

I ordered mine in Oz from Sax Leather and it arrived in 4 days which was great. If you are patient you can order exactly the same device from DH Gate in China but delivery times can be 30+ days which defeated the purpose. DH Gate is about $40US, I paid $149 Oz.

The build quality looks pretty good, it's not too heavy but I certainly noticed the weight difference from the CB's. The ring (45mm) is hinged and it comes with a rubber sleeve you have to put over it. It is a bitch to get the sleeve on, and I am thinking of taking it off, as it grabs your scrotum and doesn't allow for any twisting. The cage is about 60mm and I sit in it soft about the same as the 6000s. I will be going shorter for the JB so already I have learnt something.

It was easy to get on but I think the ring is a bit too big. I have ordered the next one down so we will see how that fits. It is very comfortable save for the rubber sleeve which I will remove tonight. I have noticed not so much pinching, but more gripping, but I haven't used any lube so I will try a bit and see if that helps.

Looks wise it is great. Mrs K looovvvves it. I have to tell how we switched over as it was too much fun. I arrived home early from work as we had agreed to meet an hour early to swap it over with no kids around. She had me shower and shave and then lay me down naked on the bed. She was still in her work clothes and I was feeling pretty submissive lying there while she instructed me. She then got me hard, edged me and had me lie still until he was soft again. She was reading in the lounge room and I was instructed to call her when soft. She edged me 4 times before finally instructing me to put it on. Once on, she had a close inspection and there were lots of smiles and giggles. The thing she most likes is she can touch my cock with her fingers/tongue and get me super horny. I was desperate to please her before bed but she just kept denying me and and teasing me.

Sleep was okay, I think like any device the first night is the hardest so hopefully tonight will be better, but it certainly wasn't a sleepless night. In the shower this morning though it came off. I thought it was caught on my ball and went to adjust it and it just slipped right off. I have adjusted the gap a little so will see how that works and have ordered the smaller ring.

Anyway, hope this helps if anyone is interested. We are converts to steel now, and I am being very patient in trying to get everything worked out before we order the Jail Bird because when I finally order it and it arrives I have been told it will be on for a very long time.
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Re: The Teaser, San Quentin Chastity Cage

Postby Locked by LRC » Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:11 am

Hope you get the grip problem solved. I can see where this would be a pain. I looked at the device and have a couple of comments.
When you get the JB the down angle will not be as drastic. The JB will have short bars on the bottom between the two rings on the cage area, not joined together. I think this would add to comfort and aid in the bathroom.
When you order the JB consider asking not to have the two horizontal bars at the end of the cage. I see the Teaser is this way. I found the horizontal bars a pain to try to urinate through. I was used to the CBxxxx being this way I guess. My MM device doesn't have these bars and I am very happy with it this way.
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Re: The Teaser, San Quentin Chastity Cage

Postby luckylocked » Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:36 pm

So I have had some success with this cage but it is by no means ideal. It slipped off twice but now I have found a way to accommodate my small ball and be fairly secure. It is mainly comfortable and removing the rubber sleeve has made it more so. It doesn't pinch at the hinge but occasionally you can feel the join. Lube has mostly solved this and the gripping problem.

The slipping off issue is more me pulling it off. I know I can get it off and as I have had the key for the past 4 days I know I can get it back on. I haven't previously had an emergency key, but with steel I feel like I need one so the wife wrapped it in paper, signed on the fold and sticky taped it all up. Now if I pull it off I will have to use the key to get it back on, and that means punishment so I am very relieved to have that option taken away from me and now feel very much locked up again.

Locked by LRC wrote:When you order the JB consider asking not to have the two horizontal bars at the end of the cage.

I am definitely going to do this and I am also considering a second ring on the tube as I feel like I can give myself a little two much stimulation. I haven't got close to an O mainly as I am too scared to try but then I am also going to get a considerably shorter tube on the JB which I have learnt from this device.

I am looking forward to the next ring down arriving and then will be ready to order the JB with what I hope will be reasonable accuracy.
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